Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Buy a Pizza and Get a *Free BlackBerry 7100G

Papa John is offering its online customers chance to get a free BlackBerry 7100G Phone. So when you order a pizza online you can have a chance to get the free phone, but you have to order Two 20oz drinks and a side.

"Just add any Papa John's side item and two 20-oz. beverages to your online order to get this great offer."
Wow, good offer, Im gonna get the food any how, Why not... But DOH! I must subject to a two year contract... Damn you!!!

heres the fine print:
Consumers will commit to a new 2 year voice and data service agreement for $74.98 per month which will consist of an email data plan at $34.99 per month plus a voice plan for $39.99 which includes 450 anytime minutes, plus 5000 night and weekend minutes and mobile to mobile unlimited calling. Customer will pay $150.00 and will receive a $150.00 Mail-In Rebate with the device. Offer may vary by market and is contingent upon service provider credit. See order page for complete details. Not valid for upgrades. Offer good only in the USA and may not be available in all markets. Early Termination fee applies. Activation fee and applicable taxes extra. Orders fulfilled by InPhonic, Inc.
Check it out.. Hell Order yours today!

Monday, July 11, 2005

NEW DRUG TO WIPE OUT Diarrhea (No pun intended)

It's the first Third World Drug Blockbuster! The Drug is marketed to the poor people of the world. So now Starving Marvin in Africa can have Diarrhea free days!
Last Thursday, Napo announced a deal with Glenmark in India to develop and commercialize Crofelemer as a pediatric and acute infectious diarrhea treatment. Napo signed a similar deal on June 15 with Asiapharm in China.

The deals bypass the typical pharmaceutical approach: Target rich people and charge a high price. Under that model, drugs typically are available in the developing world about 15 years after they've been introduced in premium-price markets like North America and Europe, when patents have expired or companies can afford to distribute excess drugs at a loss...

... Napo is also partnering with an American company, Trine Pharmaceuticals, to test Crofelemer as a treatment for irritable bowel syndrome, which affects 15 million Americans. Trine expects to report its results in early 2006

...Also, "anti-motility" drugs like Imodium slow down flow of material through the intestine. While this stops diarrhea, it also allows whatever toxin is causing the diarrhea to linger in the body longer, giving it an extra opportunity to infect its host. That's why children, whose immune systems are not fully developed, as well as adult patients with immune problems like AIDS, can't take anti-motility medications.

Crofelemer instead stops the flow of excess water, which makes it possibly the first effective treatment for children and AIDS patients.

Over 1 million children die from diarrhea every year in developing nations where water is often contaminated. And it's the top complaint of many AIDS patients, Berkley said.

Great break through for the trots. Didnt realize that this was an issue, and was a lack of this type of medicine.

Source: Wired News

Google Toolbar BETA for Firefox...

Version beta
  • New SpellCheck feature to check your spelling whenever you type in web forms
  • New AutoLink feature to turn street addresses into links to online maps
  • New WordTranslator feature to translate English words into other languages
The Google Toolbar updates itself automatically, so you never need to install a newer version as long as you use the Toolbar. You can check the version history of the Google Toolbar here.

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