Monday, October 10, 2005

The Fabulous goodness of FireFox Extensions..

While at home this weekend, I updated my FireFox with the extensions I use here at work and found a few additional ones I should post about.

FasterFoxHere They Are:
My favorite so far out of this bunch has to be the Mouse Gestures. This extension is one of the best so far. This is how it works. All this is the default setup for the MouseGestures. Right Click and Hold then Draw a Line From Top to Bottom. This would open a new window. To Open a New Tab, simply draw a line from Bottom to top. Go to the Previous page, Draw a horizontal line from to the Left, Move Foward a page Draw a horizontal line to the Right. Duplicate Tab draw a line Down then Up then back Down. Move to a different tab Up then Left, or Up then Right. Check a lil demo I made for ya. [ View ] You can also check out some more screen captures here.

I also Can not forget the Swedish Chef! This extension allows the Swedish chef to translate the site for you.

Install Now (26 KB File)


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