Thursday, December 15, 2005


Just got an email stating that my C-JUMP game is on its way!
I know its just a freakin Board game but, its a Programing board game fun for the Whole Family!

Buy yours Today! or Tomorrow! [BUY IT ]

Just they way you like your infections, Plush!

I've always wanted to cuddle with a Neisseria gonorrhoeae (Clap/Gonorrhea). Just the perfect thing for me.

Found these guys.. er infections over at ($ 5.99 each (US))

You too can get your Flesh eating virus plushee or even your own Stomach Ache. From a list of 16 different infectionous plushees.

Each 5-7 inch plush microbe comes with a instructional card that includes an actual picture of the microbe along with information about the microbe in its natural environment.

Flesh Eating Plush

Stomach Ache
Gotta Catch them All!
(Sorry about that....)

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Yea.. a Day off is good sometimes.

Didn't work today. Yea. Was still called by work. Ha

I have nothing else to post at the moment. Just thought I would post. Yea, boring isn't.

Ah.. Let's see something to post about that more interesting.

Oh Wow.. My Kids' worst nightmare, This is freakin' cool. This gadget makes any T.V a Coin-Op machine that gives a parent full control over the TV. So cool. Check it out.