Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Verizon Fios Upgrade Plan

I've twittered a little bit about this, you can read that here: .Also, it has been a long time since I posted on my blog, sorry if anyone was actually reading this, or even still reading this. Busy lately and haven't had the time to post anything worth while, but now I am. So here it is...

So, is upgrading to Verizon FiOS Internet (15 Mbps/5Mbps) and their phone Freedom and getting the "Free" laptop worth it?
Well, so far I have figured, my normal phone bill is $54.99 (not including any taxes they add) and my internet is $21.99, a total of $76.98, then add about 15 for taxes (added from home phone), so my monthly is usually about $91.98. So, in all I figure the bundle will cost me $ 79.99 a month plus maybe the same for taxes ($15), puts it at about $ 94.99. Thats almost 3 bucks more than what I pay now, but, I'll have the 15 Mbps/5Mbps internet speed and the "Free" laptop.

My next question is, Is the laptop worth getting it for "Free". I talked to a rep about it and the rep stated that I would have to add 14.95 for shipping (not a problem) and add the wireless card for plus a month charge for the wireless service. Mind you I asked, what if I only use the wireless at home, do I still need the card? Of course, the answer was Yes. The laptop that is offered is a Compaq Mini 110. I've checked the net for this laptop and see that it is not the same as what Compaq/HP has on their site, of course that is pretty much obvious. They are not going to give you a really good laptop for nothing.

Here is a link to laptop they give you and its specs. Verizon Laptop Offer

So, is it worth the time and effort to switch? I don't even know how the service is for the phone. I am guessing that it is Voice Over IP. It does not state if it is or not, I would think it would say that it is. I still need to look into this part.

All in all, I think it is worth it somewhat, I get a faster internet speed, new router and setup crap, of course I can do on my own anyhow. The other perk is the laptop, regardless the wireless thing, well more so the cost of wireless plan to use anywhere.

I'll be posting more here or on my twitter account about this, please let me know what your option is and what not.