Wednesday, July 29, 2015

I am looking to switch from Cable to Over the Air local stations and just keep the Internet service at home. I may start posting again here and talking about the change. I've seen and read a lot about Over the Air TV and was recently at my Brother-In-Laws. He has the antenna's for it as he is usually home Sunday (his day off), so he watches a little then. It wasn't a bad signal at all, it helped me see how the picture was. Now I just need to get my house ready for this and start checking.

I've recently read this article (Life Hacker - How to Choose the Best Over the Ait Antenna for...) which has a few good pointers, along with this site (TV Signal Locator) for checking the area on how well TV stations will be picked up by the Antenna. A few things on my list will need to be checking our current antenna (yes, I have a large old school one still attached to our chimney. I will need to hook it back up and see if I can get anything on it, or if I need a newer Antenna. I will more or less need to pickup a Converter box, maybe, not sure about it yet. I should be posting in the coming weeks and or month or so about my experience.

Here's a what the TV Fool Radar map shows. I'll more or less need a omnidirectional Antenna, seeing that TV stations signal is coming from all directions.
Original Post was from back in 2005, I didn't get a chance to see the month as I deleted it then went back to it from another Tab that was open in Chrome. Enjoy. My daughter jessie sits down to color with her new Erasable Colored Pencils. Karen and I are sitting watching tv. The conversation jessie has with herself and somewhat talking to us.

Jessie: "What? there's no white pencil in this."
Me: "Baby girl, you dont need white, your drawing on white paper."
Jessie: "But I need to make clouds!!! and I can't do it with out white"
Me: "but you dont need it, you can use another color and make an outline of a cloud."
Jessie: "No, I need white, Clouds are white."
(This went on for about 5 mins. until I gave in... I just couldnt explain it enough that when drawing on White paper, one does not need White.")

I turn and look at karen and we both smiled and laughed, As karen said "Oh the joys of childhood dilemmas.


This thing still on?