Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Lunch Menu

Ok, I have two Beef and bean Burritos for Lunch today, and I forgot the Hot Sauce. So I went out on a quest to find some Hot Sauce. Now, I didn't find any regular hot sauce, However I found the following packets that read "Hot sauce".
  • Habanero *Spicy* Ketchup (so it reads)
  • KFC "Hot Sauce" (hmmm...)
  • Ketchup (I know. its not Hot Sauce, but it is worth a try.)
Yea, this is pretty much gonna suck ass.

First up. the regular Ketchup. Which has an interesting flavor, but just doesn't workout.

Nextup, the Habanero *Spicy* Ketchup. Has the flavor of Ketchup and some spicyness, but isn't the same as Hot Sause. (puts to the side...)

Lastly, the KFC "Hot Sauce". Ughh, Fantastically Terrible. I mean Horrible, All i tasted was vineger, and I hate vineger, Small hint of Hot Sauceness, but a tragic disappointment. Just by looking at the substance, its watery cloudyness red tint. I should have known coming from a Chicken fast food joint.

Well i guest it shall be the Spicy Ketchup for today.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas Everyone, And Happy Hoildays!

Ahh Yes, yet another christmas has past and the begining of a new 365 days to wait. I was success in being able to open my C-Jump board game, saddly I have no one to play it with at the current moment, DJ and Jess arenot here, and well Jessie would have no clue how to play, Although her math skills I might add for a 1st grader are great. Karen took one look at the board and said, "Wow that looks borring.", She's not much of a math person nor into as much geeky stuff as I or DJ are. So I shall wait till DJ gets back.

On another note its a fine day. We all made out pretty well. At about 4:30ish we'll be heading out to my parents house for Christmas Dinner.