Sunday, June 04, 2006

I scratched an icth...

Yea, While helping someone out with flash, I scratched an itch I had and gave my pc a virus, well more so a parasite and some spyware that was most annoying to remove so I formated. Funny thing it is. I kicked my self in the ass not for opening the file, for er ah a short patch process, (not from the user's file), but for formating the drive without saving my bookmarks and some documents. How ever I did find this niffty extension for FireFox called FoxMarks. Which Uploads and syncronizes your bookmarks online for you to sync with at another pc. But alot of good it does me at the moment. Ah well it will be easy for next time.

I like infecting my pc every 6 months or so with a virus or spyware and then have fun removing it. Well mainly just sitting here and reformating my pc and installing all the neat stuff back on it.