Friday, November 04, 2005

Work phones went down this morning...

Yep, Our phones went down. So I call the phone company's tech line to see what was the matter. Come to find that the number I dialed is not in service. Hmm, I thought. Odd, So I checked the number to make sure I was dialing it correctly, and I was. I checked online for a Tech line number for TelePacific Comm. and its the same number. Hmm.. So I call the Sales number they have listed for them, Same issue, Very Strange. I come to find out that not only Did Our phones here go down but so did a few others in the Inland Empire and Orange County. So I sit and wait for TelePacific to get their stuff up and working. I've looked online for News about this, but I have found nothing on it.

UPDATE: 12:01 Pm
Phones work again. I'm curious as to what happened at the phone company.

Thursday, November 03, 2005



Have a little Test going on today...

I got a audio file called MysonisaHeterosexual!.mp3. Some funny shit. I sent it to one of the co-workers here, In which I know he will past it on and show other people, thus somehow making back to me. Normally when I have done this in the past it will come back to me. Now, I don't pass on stuff very often. So, Im gonna see how long it takes to reach me or for someone to stop me to listen to it. Sometimes it even comes back to me and you can see in the LOOONNNGG list of Forwards my name in there as the original sender.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

FireFox 1.5 Release Candidate 1, Now Available

I've Updated, Have you?

This is the first release candidate of our next generation Firefox browser, to be released later this year, and it is being made available to our developer and testing community for compatibility testing and to solicit feedback.

Download Release Candidate
Firefox 1.5 RC 1 for Windows, English (5.0MB)
Other Systems and Languages

Note: This is not the final release of our Web browser, it has been made available for testing purposes only, with no end-user support. If that sounds scary, you'd probably be better off with the latest version of Firefox 1.0.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Ok.. Got photos uploaded...

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Yea, Got the photos from Disneyland uploaded on to the server. But I first must mention the following.

Where to eat before we go into disneyland. We get to Disneyland early, about 6pm, We can not go in until 9pm. So we have the dilema of "Where to Eat?". As we walk down Downtown Disney, We spot a Pizzaeria, Karen asks the Kids, "Hey Pizza!, wanna go there?".. Kids response "No, No lets go somewhere else." So we pass the Pizzeria and continue on the quest for a place to grab a bite to eat. We come too a fork in the road and a choice of these two resturants: The House of Blues or A Mexican Cantina (Don't remember the name, also noticed its not listed in the Downtown Disney Directory). So we choose The House of Blues, mainly because we havent been and the kids wanted to. Man.. Let me tell ya, the Food Sucked, The Service Sucked and the Prices were high for what you got. The Kids ordered Mac 'n Cheese, Yes, Mac 'n Cheese. Well, the food came fast. DJ's exact words about the Mac 'n Cheese "If they ask about the food, Im gonna say Your Mac 'n Cheese Sucks. It doesn't even taste like Mac 'n Cheese, there's not cheese about it.", My response "Well, thats what you get for ordering that here, next time you'll know."

So, the only thing left for that place is the music, but being the food and service sucked ass, Well more than ass, it was just really sad. I doubt we will return.

As for Disneyland though! it was a great night. I'll Post photos in a few.

Monday, October 31, 2005

Pluto has Two More satellites (AKA Moons)!

Before Pluto was only known to have 1 satellite, But now Scientists add Two more, that are much further Charon (Pluto's 1st known moon). The two new Satellites orbit about 27,000 miles from pluto, which is twice as far as Charon and they are 5 times dimmer than Charon. So its understandable why they werent seen. The moons were found using the Hubble Space Telescope.

Read More about it here [ ]

View a Short and Two Long Exposures [ View Images ]


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Wow, Disney's Technology using Technology.

At the Turtle Talk With Crush exhibit at Disney's California Adventure theme park, Crush the sea turtle makes a cameo like those at the start of most Disney rides. Nothing seems out of the ordinary as the character goes though the script with a cast member, until the Finding Nemo star takes questions from the audience.

"I want to talk to this little dude in the purple shirt," Crush says, "the one up in front, on the left."

Crush is referring to a real guest in the "Human Tank." In a moment he starts answering questions from random children, doing the backstroke on command and guffawing when a girl asks him how he can hold his breath and talk underwater.

Wow, This is great. Add this to Disney's rides like Star Tours, and you can have a fantastic time that would allow a ride or show vary in differences each time you ride it.

Their also testing out Massive Online games for Actual park rides like Buzz Lightyears' Astro Blasters in Anaheim, Ca.

Check out the Whole article at Wired News

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