Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Lunch Menu

Ok, I have two Beef and bean Burritos for Lunch today, and I forgot the Hot Sauce. So I went out on a quest to find some Hot Sauce. Now, I didn't find any regular hot sauce, However I found the following packets that read "Hot sauce".
  • Habanero *Spicy* Ketchup (so it reads)
  • KFC "Hot Sauce" (hmmm...)
  • Ketchup (I know. its not Hot Sauce, but it is worth a try.)
Yea, this is pretty much gonna suck ass.

First up. the regular Ketchup. Which has an interesting flavor, but just doesn't workout.

Nextup, the Habanero *Spicy* Ketchup. Has the flavor of Ketchup and some spicyness, but isn't the same as Hot Sause. (puts to the side...)

Lastly, the KFC "Hot Sauce". Ughh, Fantastically Terrible. I mean Horrible, All i tasted was vineger, and I hate vineger, Small hint of Hot Sauceness, but a tragic disappointment. Just by looking at the substance, its watery cloudyness red tint. I should have known coming from a Chicken fast food joint.

Well i guest it shall be the Spicy Ketchup for today.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas Everyone, And Happy Hoildays!

Ahh Yes, yet another christmas has past and the begining of a new 365 days to wait. I was success in being able to open my C-Jump board game, saddly I have no one to play it with at the current moment, DJ and Jess arenot here, and well Jessie would have no clue how to play, Although her math skills I might add for a 1st grader are great. Karen took one look at the board and said, "Wow that looks borring.", She's not much of a math person nor into as much geeky stuff as I or DJ are. So I shall wait till DJ gets back.

On another note its a fine day. We all made out pretty well. At about 4:30ish we'll be heading out to my parents house for Christmas Dinner.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Is it me?

I posted a question on a forum I frequent about changing the background color of a Cell or Range of cells. I got answer, but I don't believe it was what I asked. What I posted is a little long so see the link below for what I posted. Now, short and to the point this is what I asked, I asked about the script that is used or needed to change a Cell or Range of Cells, and what I would need and if anyone could point me in the correct direction and got this answer:

Check out Weekday()

Huh ?
But wait? I asked about Changing color of a cell not getting the weekday? I told him in the post I already have this, so i didn't need to know this.

Read the post and let me know if its just me or not.

So is it him or me? Did I not ask clearly? So I left the question unanswered, and went on trying to figure it out, until I found a site that was helpfull, It at least gave me an example as to what I needed to do. So i completed the project and decided to remake the project I was working on, but this time set it up so others can use it and change to what they needed to change it to being that I really couldn't find the information on it, I thought that someone could use it. Here's a link to my post for the public version.
Which is the Excel spread sheet you see in the previous post below.

So, there are a few views before the guy posts again, and What? He says he helped me? Just because he said something about using a Select Case? But he never explained how to change the color of the Cell, notice that I did explain that I already had my project pretty much complete with the execption of the Cell Color change. The only time I see that he said something to use was to use a macro recorder? Didnt state how, just said to use it. Hhuh ok.. So anyways check out the final product and what he had to say, and my reply.

Excel Spread Sheet

Ah.. one of the things I was working on here to make it easier on me and Mr Wonderful. Check out the post here.

"The phone fell off the table..." : : Part 2

Second part to this Post: The Phone fell off the table PART 1

Well I finally had the chance to call 3com and get a new phone. And Yes, I got a New phone. It was harmless. Don't know why I thought it would be. When the rep asked whats wrong with it, I told him that It fell off a table in our service techs area, and that was that. Got everything I needed. Here's the New phone.

If I can figure out how to get my Recorded calls off the damn phone I'll post the call. If anyone knows how to get them off a Motorola i860, please let me know.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Yet another Bunch of Heap!

Just like Microsoft, Symantec reposts that a Flaw reported in Symantec anti-virus software give possibility that users could be open to an attack from a remote hacker thanks to a newly-discovered vulnerability. Independent security researcher Alex Wheeler found that Symantec Antivirus Library can be overwhelmed by "heap overflows" while decompressing a RAR file. The Symantec Antivirus Library provides file format support for virus analysis. During decompression of RAR files Symantec is vulnerable to multiple heap overflows allowing attackers complete control of the system(s) being protected. These vulnerabilities can be exploited remotely without user interaction in default configurations through common protocols such as SMTP (by Default is port 25). This vulnerability affects a substantial portion of Symantec’s gateway, server, & client antivirus-enabled product lines on most platforms. It's recommended to disable scanning of RAR compressed files until the vulnerable code is fixed.

Remember if you don't know the sender Don't Open it, Simply delete the email along with the file.

In the past Alex Wheeler has found other Heap Overflows with-in Panda, Sophos, KASPERSKY, Clamav, COMPUTER ASSOCIATES VET AV, and NOVELL ZENWORKS. Check out his website with his research at

The company plans to update the Antivirus Software Library to fix the vulnerability, and details about that update have been posted to Symantec's Security Response ( No exploits using the vulnerability have been reported to Symantec as of midday Wednesday.

(Image Source:

Researcher: Alex Wheeler

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Yea.. Fun Times...

Most of, well pretty much all of my day today has been editing excel spreadsheets for Mr. Wonderful. Yes, this gets in my way of doing my normal tasks. Because of this, things for others have to wait. Although, keep in mind that if it is urgent or at all someone called having an issue I took care of it, which is about 3 times, all of which were just simple things. Now when I first started here I had to wait because everything went through Mr. Wonderful. These small things he thought were not as important as his excel spreadsheet that calculated the time of day and the date. Now, in all honesty, I'll do these side thigns for him, no biggie, but See something that I do not understand about this man is this. He has me edit these spread sheets that HE has made and when I edit them he expects me to understand why this guy over here is getting 81% in sales and what he sold 2 weeks from last sunday. So I edit these spreadsheets to what he wishes, But upon receiving them back from me he is quick to call me back and ask why this doesnt match up with that and why Jim doesn't have the same sales as Bob but Bob's sales are at 91%, at which time he fixes them at the very moment in a few seconds. See unlike him, I was not born with ESPN, so I can not read his mind and even if I could I dont think I could read his thoughts, especially if he thinks the way he talks, that and I don't speak his first language.

It is about 3:45pm, and I have yet another spreadsheet to edit with his mistakes, Why can't he do them. It would get done faster. I don't call him and ask him to go see why dave can not print from a third party program to his printer. Thats not his job, it mine.

Snaggletooth Little Drum on the Far left of my chin.


A While back slashdot asked its readers for questions to ask the Hosts of Mythbusters. Well they have the answers now. Enjoy!

View the Article

This is one of my Favorite shows, I highly recommend sitting down and watching an episode.

Mythbusters Site

A Day In The Blog of My Life

A Day In The Blog of My Life

Yea, I blogged a blog again... My friend from NY. Enjoy..

Ahh.. Yea.. Corey, Fare-Thee-Well..

Corey Quit today. Yep. Handed in his Nextel and told the Service Manager, "I Quit", And left.
But He'll be back, they always are. Well, mainly because he has to turn in his work clothes.

And for this Corey... Kudos To you!

Mr. Wonderful is back in town...

Yea, My Oh so ever wonderfull boss is back in town and here to stay. Isn't it grand. (Thanks Kevin, i'm gonna have a great time.) So let the festivities begin!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I had a package awaiting me yesterday at my house...

Yea, There was a package waiting for me when I got home yesterday. It was my C-Jump game I ordered, My face and eyes lit up like a kid on christmas morning, or like the first time a boy see's his first pair of boobs. Well, I was then shot down by karen, Blast! It was ordered for a Christmas present for me and my son DJ. So, we have to wait until Sunday to open it and play with it. I'm saddened by this, but I can hold out. DJ on the other hand, could not, he was bugging all night to open it. So, C-Jump game, I'm sorry but you must wait til Saturday at 11:59:59 PM. Oh yes, it will be opened at 12:00am Sunday.

Thursday, December 15, 2005


Just got an email stating that my C-JUMP game is on its way!
I know its just a freakin Board game but, its a Programing board game fun for the Whole Family!

Buy yours Today! or Tomorrow! [BUY IT ]

Just they way you like your infections, Plush!

I've always wanted to cuddle with a Neisseria gonorrhoeae (Clap/Gonorrhea). Just the perfect thing for me.

Found these guys.. er infections over at ($ 5.99 each (US))

You too can get your Flesh eating virus plushee or even your own Stomach Ache. From a list of 16 different infectionous plushees.

Each 5-7 inch plush microbe comes with a instructional card that includes an actual picture of the microbe along with information about the microbe in its natural environment.

Flesh Eating Plush

Stomach Ache
Gotta Catch them All!
(Sorry about that....)

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Yea.. a Day off is good sometimes.

Didn't work today. Yea. Was still called by work. Ha

I have nothing else to post at the moment. Just thought I would post. Yea, boring isn't.

Ah.. Let's see something to post about that more interesting.

Oh Wow.. My Kids' worst nightmare, This is freakin' cool. This gadget makes any T.V a Coin-Op machine that gives a parent full control over the TV. So cool. Check it out.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Deflexion game...

Once I saw this I fell in love. Deflexion game, it has Lasers, thats all I need to say.

No really, it has lasers. This is the setup for the Laser boardgame.
In the Deflexion game, each player has an assortment of djeds, pyramids and obelisks. These pieces either reflect the laser beam or block it (or both depending on which side is hit). If a piece blocks the beam it is classed as destroyed and removed from the board. Each player takes it in turn to move or rotate one of their pieces, after their move they can fire their laser to see what it now hits.

Very, Very interesting game. great idea. and for $ 37.95 (US) not a bad buy. I must purchase this game, or if someone out there wants to buy for me or give to my PayPal for a donation so I could get it, that would be super fantastic!

Check out the Source I read this from:
or from the actuall website that has a short cgi demo of the board game.

Also, while reading on theres an post about a Laser "Chess" style game. Looks great too, but it is not for sale. ;( Oh well, great thoughts.
Check it out here: LASER CHESS

"The phone fell off the table..." : : Part 1

I was walking around yesterday doing my thing, when I was stopped and apporached by a service tech. Well I was more so tracked down and held. Thus the exchange of communication took place.
ST = Service Tech
Me = Me

ST: "Chad! I need a new phone, mine doesnt work. It drops calls left and right, I've fucking (with a feedup tone) had it with that damn phone...."
Me: "? Ok"
ST: "Well you need to get me a new one. Lets put it this way, I don't have a phone."
Me: {chuckling} "Ok?!"

So, I walk to the Service Bay where the tech work. He shows me his fabulous phone.

Me: "Hahahahah..."
ST: "Yea, I fucking had it with the phone so I picked it up and threw it. and I'll tell ya, their made like how they work."
Me: "Well, I can get you a replacement phone, I'm not sure I can get the warranty to cover this one."
ST: "huh? I don't care I just need to have the phone so I can use the net. I dont know why I need the phone to use the net."
Me: "Well it was the wonderfull way they setup the network here with the phones, why I don't know, but they did."
ST: "Well get me up and running..."
Me: "Can do. and you know what, I'll take the phone with me and try to get the warranty, I'll tell them it fell off the table and was ran over by a tech on 'accident'. So, we'll see in the mean time I'll just hook you up straight to the network."
ST: "Ok, sounds good. Thanks"

So, here are some more images for the phone that "Fell off the table"

See Just like New!

Got the phone put back, well somewhat back together. There are a few missing pieces, small but missing. Next step phone call for the warranty. I will try to record (if I can) the conversation when getting the new phone. To post with the next part.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Another reason why I like Thunderbird over Outlook.

Built in Spam/Scam blocking. Ahh the Grea wonders of Mozilla products!

And yes, it was.
Thunderbird v1.5, with no additional Extensions used.

Get Thunderbird!

Monday, December 05, 2005

Can you tell me how to....

A Salesman walks into my office today and jogged my head. This is the what he asked about...

Saleman: "Hey, can you tell me how to get past blocked sites?"
Me:"? ? ?"
Salesman: "Ya, you know you go to a site and its blocked."
Me(interupting him): "You mean, go to a site your not suppose to while at work?"
SM: "Yes, can you show me how to get past that?"
Me: "No. I have to have restrictions for site so people do not go where their not suppose to be."
SM: "No, not for here, I don't work here anymore."
Me: "!?"
SM: "Yea, I want to know how to get around the blocker."
Me: "No, I can't show you how to do that?!"

I barely know this guy, let alone did I know he no longer worked here, Why on earth would I tell him how to get around another businesses site blocker. Regardless of what he wanted to look at. I'm just dumb founded by this. Truely...

Friday, December 02, 2005

Great Commerical... for Xbox 360

MS is not wanting to air this ad. Why I have not Idea. Its great.

Check it out Link

(Thanks Corey)

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Wow Hooray!...

Great Song, This is my Theme song, Excellent. People around here have to listen to this and remember it.

Check out Video:

VIA LA 3 Dead Trolls!

Caps Lock.. and I walk away!.. just fantastic!..

Monday, November 21, 2005

Walmart Display...

Walmart Display...
Originally uploaded by hosehead78.
Should these be next to each other? Free Ebay ?

I posted about awhile back about, well its working now. Free ebay? Probably not as noticed or as much traffic to it as eBay, but it will work.

Here's what I posted so far:

And yes, I am really selling this.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Friday, November 18, 2005

haha.. Messages...

I think Mr. Wonder wants me to call him... What do you think?

Rubber Rollercoaster

Rubber Rollercoaster
Man them English and their Whole different level of language. Just Perfect.

"afterall if they'd shouted out "fuck it" to their parents they'd have been lamped, but hohoho it's fine for wear a t-shirt that portrays the same sentiment."

Lamped... Wow.. Just a totally different meaning and brings new light.

Having a talk laugh...

Found this site through a link Kevin sent me. Fantastic Animations. I Recommend watching the JCB Song Animation and the Radiohead "Creep" Animation too, great stuff. Monkeehub is going on my top list of sites. Low Morale is a sensational series of a mans struggle to deal with Office life. Just great waste of time. Can not stop watching the Animations.. Love it..

Thursday, November 17, 2005


Microsoft hands out its newest baby, Office 12 Beta 1.

Yep, Yet another beta from good ole' Bill. This time around its a the newest release of its Office Suite, Office 12.
10,000 Microsoft beta testers received a long-awaited e-mail Wednesday evening: Welcome to Office 12. Beta 1 of the next-generation Office suite has been released and is now available for download -- assuming Beta Place doesn't buckle under the mad rush for bits. [Read more...]
Microsoft® Office “12” is designed to help improve information workers’ productivity through a new results-oriented user interface, powerful graphics and diagramming engines, and advanced task and information management tools. In addition, through broader investments in enhancing business intelligence, collaboration and enterprise content management capabilities within Office “12,” there are new solutions to help customers control content, streamline business processes, collaborate across organizational boundaries and make more-informed decisions. [Read more...]
Well, Im working on getting a copy of the beta, so far I've checked my account and no welcome email. Doh, But no worries, I'll have the next beta;).

Check out some photos from PC MAG on the newest features of Office 12.[ View Eye Candy ]

Jensen Harris Blog - An Office User Interface Blog
Julie Larson-Green (A.K.A Video Julie) - Check out a Video on the UI for Office 12. Nice... worth watching...

== Update 12:00pm ==
Finished watching the 41 min video, Good God man... Nice.. OpenOffice is going to have to beef up, I think its gonna be hard to top this new Office, So far its very promising.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

YooHoo Sucks ass..

Its all about Chocolate Milk not Chocolate Water. Let me explain why I am posting this.

Not to long ago I was offered a drink, YooHoo to be exact. Now, being awhile since I've had it, I had decided I would partake in this chilled beverage. Shook it I did, vigerously, and shook it well I might add. With a slight turn of the yellow cap it spoke to me. POP! I continued to remove the cap and started to consume the brown liquidy substance. YUCK! I now remember why it is I do not like Yoohoo, Because of the fact that you can not make any chocolate flavored liquid with out milk. I don't care if the directions say use water. You just can't, it not right nor is it good. After the memory flashback of why I do not like Yoohoo, I glanced at the bottle and noticed I have about three quarters of the nasty chocolate water left. Hmm, I don't want to waste it and I'm not gonna finish it. Ahh.. The boy, DJ, He'll like it chololate flavored and a liquid, and best part It's not milk. And thus I give him the bottle of Chocolate water, in which he chuggs down and enjoys.

Odd thing..

Took a photo, Sent it to my Photo blog page. This is what appeared.

Mind you, After the first photo I sent to the Photo Blog, I did notice that Blogger doesn't support my nextel phone yet. But I still send it anyways.
This is what the photo should have been.

Strange isn't it?

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

First pitch..

Forgot to tell you all I got to throw the first pitch in the 5th Game at the world series. Thats my sister Leah in the background

Monday, November 07, 2005

This is Great!... People are Brilliant!

Classic Story, If you don't understand why the Displays are empty then this should help you along.

Flu Season... Tips (Hahaha)

While working ever-so hard today karen IM's me this link. She asks me to read over it and to pay attention to the No-Nonsense Tips that are at the bottom of the article. Upon reading them, I think to myself: Ok, common sense tips. One of which states the following
  • "Clean phones, doorknobs and desktops with alcohol swabs."
So, you want me to have issues and be anal about the cleanliness of my work area? I do know of one person, well a few at my work that are really bad about this. To the point that I wonder what they do when, well.. ah.. lets say after they procreate. Just a curiousity, I mean if you saw one in particular you would understand why I ask this. So anyways, eyes back on the road. The last one is the one that made me laugh really loud, and why I wanted to post this. So here it is:
  • During flu season, never let anyone lick your keyboard.
Now mind you, I don't normally lick my own keyboard, but I do go around licking everone elses, because I like to taste it to see if I can guess what they ate that day, or whether or not they wash their hands. It's Tasty Treat I look forward to each day.


Friday, November 04, 2005

Work phones went down this morning...

Yep, Our phones went down. So I call the phone company's tech line to see what was the matter. Come to find that the number I dialed is not in service. Hmm, I thought. Odd, So I checked the number to make sure I was dialing it correctly, and I was. I checked online for a Tech line number for TelePacific Comm. and its the same number. Hmm.. So I call the Sales number they have listed for them, Same issue, Very Strange. I come to find out that not only Did Our phones here go down but so did a few others in the Inland Empire and Orange County. So I sit and wait for TelePacific to get their stuff up and working. I've looked online for News about this, but I have found nothing on it.

UPDATE: 12:01 Pm
Phones work again. I'm curious as to what happened at the phone company.

Thursday, November 03, 2005



Have a little Test going on today...

I got a audio file called MysonisaHeterosexual!.mp3. Some funny shit. I sent it to one of the co-workers here, In which I know he will past it on and show other people, thus somehow making back to me. Normally when I have done this in the past it will come back to me. Now, I don't pass on stuff very often. So, Im gonna see how long it takes to reach me or for someone to stop me to listen to it. Sometimes it even comes back to me and you can see in the LOOONNNGG list of Forwards my name in there as the original sender.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

FireFox 1.5 Release Candidate 1, Now Available

I've Updated, Have you?

This is the first release candidate of our next generation Firefox browser, to be released later this year, and it is being made available to our developer and testing community for compatibility testing and to solicit feedback.

Download Release Candidate
Firefox 1.5 RC 1 for Windows, English (5.0MB)
Other Systems and Languages

Note: This is not the final release of our Web browser, it has been made available for testing purposes only, with no end-user support. If that sounds scary, you'd probably be better off with the latest version of Firefox 1.0.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Ok.. Got photos uploaded...

Click on me to see Full Size
Yea, Got the photos from Disneyland uploaded on to the server. But I first must mention the following.

Where to eat before we go into disneyland. We get to Disneyland early, about 6pm, We can not go in until 9pm. So we have the dilema of "Where to Eat?". As we walk down Downtown Disney, We spot a Pizzaeria, Karen asks the Kids, "Hey Pizza!, wanna go there?".. Kids response "No, No lets go somewhere else." So we pass the Pizzeria and continue on the quest for a place to grab a bite to eat. We come too a fork in the road and a choice of these two resturants: The House of Blues or A Mexican Cantina (Don't remember the name, also noticed its not listed in the Downtown Disney Directory). So we choose The House of Blues, mainly because we havent been and the kids wanted to. Man.. Let me tell ya, the Food Sucked, The Service Sucked and the Prices were high for what you got. The Kids ordered Mac 'n Cheese, Yes, Mac 'n Cheese. Well, the food came fast. DJ's exact words about the Mac 'n Cheese "If they ask about the food, Im gonna say Your Mac 'n Cheese Sucks. It doesn't even taste like Mac 'n Cheese, there's not cheese about it.", My response "Well, thats what you get for ordering that here, next time you'll know."

So, the only thing left for that place is the music, but being the food and service sucked ass, Well more than ass, it was just really sad. I doubt we will return.

As for Disneyland though! it was a great night. I'll Post photos in a few.

Monday, October 31, 2005

Pluto has Two More satellites (AKA Moons)!

Before Pluto was only known to have 1 satellite, But now Scientists add Two more, that are much further Charon (Pluto's 1st known moon). The two new Satellites orbit about 27,000 miles from pluto, which is twice as far as Charon and they are 5 times dimmer than Charon. So its understandable why they werent seen. The moons were found using the Hubble Space Telescope.

Read More about it here [ ]

View a Short and Two Long Exposures [ View Images ]


Have a look at the New Layout for this blog. That is still Very Much in progress.. Lots of fine tuning to be done. But once it is, I'll update the new layout to here. Comments for the new layout are welcomed. [ Click Me ]

Wow, Disney's Technology using Technology.

At the Turtle Talk With Crush exhibit at Disney's California Adventure theme park, Crush the sea turtle makes a cameo like those at the start of most Disney rides. Nothing seems out of the ordinary as the character goes though the script with a cast member, until the Finding Nemo star takes questions from the audience.

"I want to talk to this little dude in the purple shirt," Crush says, "the one up in front, on the left."

Crush is referring to a real guest in the "Human Tank." In a moment he starts answering questions from random children, doing the backstroke on command and guffawing when a girl asks him how he can hold his breath and talk underwater.

Wow, This is great. Add this to Disney's rides like Star Tours, and you can have a fantastic time that would allow a ride or show vary in differences each time you ride it.

Their also testing out Massive Online games for Actual park rides like Buzz Lightyears' Astro Blasters in Anaheim, Ca.

Check out the Whole article at Wired News

Crack the Verifier...

[Posted from:]

We need your help in making JavaTM SE 6 ("Mustang") more secure. The new Mustang JDK includes a new approach to verification called the Type Checking Verifier that includes a performance optimization breakthrough. But the bytecode verifier is at the heart of Java security, so a new implementation needs a very strenuous review and analysis. That is where YOU come in!

Link: Crack the Verifier
Link: Crack the Verifier Challenge

Saturday, October 29, 2005

It's up, It's down, No Wait its up? What its up again, wait what about the down time.
At the current moment in time (Approximatly, 3:36pm PST) you can get to the login screen of I how ever can not log in using my information. So, I set forth to find out why. So I found this article about it GoogleBlogOScoped. I'm apparently not the only one thats having issues, but the writer was able to do more than I. Thus I am sadden. Read the article, it explains what is. but for now heres a lil bit about it.

Examples of items you can find in Google Base:
  • • Description of your party planning service
  • • Articles on current events from your website
  • • Listing of your used car for sale
  • • Database of protein structures
[source: GoogleBlogOScoped]

Til next time...

Friday, October 28, 2005

A Fish, A Fish Where a Fish, a Fish, Fish, Robotic Fish

Photograph by Adrian Dennis/AFP/Getty Images

Computer scientists at the University of Essex in the U.K. developed the self-guided robot fish, seen here swimming in the aquarium. The designers say it is the smartest such robot yet created—the fish uses artificial intelligence and built-in sensors to avoid obstacles and respond to environmental changes.

Very life like, Check out the Video for this.
Reuters Video Feed [CLICKY]

Ahh, the fabulous time of a Private Disneyland Party...

Mark and Brian and the KLOS Family along with the California Department of Conservation, Myself and my family say, "THANK YOU For a Great Night!".

The adventure to Disneyland last night was great. Went very well, Had a blast. Rode the all the rides we could in the time we had (9pm to 1am). Most time we waited in a line was for Space Mountain (35 to 40 mins, give or take). Of course had to go to Star Tours, Jessie wasnt big enough to ride it last time. Checked out Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters, Great Fun shoot'em up ride. Karen and the kids caught Pirates of the Caribbean for the first time. Took on the Haunted Mansion Holiday, which was a freakin blast, they converted it to "A Nightmare before Christmas" theme, of which I got a few photos of this with the camera phone. And of course we hit up Mr. Toads Wild ride, Snow White, Peter Pan, Unfortunately we didn't get to Alice, Time was going by really fast. Caught Pinocchio's Daring Journey (note: need to watch this movie again..) Also got on Astro Orbitor, which is located in the entrance to Tomorrow Land. Took the Indiana Jones™ Adventure and got on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. I think that pretty much it, besides the last ride of the night we got on Space Mountain again, then took off home. Got something to eat and got back home about 3am. Great Night! Here are a few photos from my camera phone. I'll have the digital ones for you all later.

Oct27_002.jpg Oct27_003.jpg
Oct27_004.jpg Oct27_005.jpg
Oct27_006.jpg Oct27_007.jpg
Oct27_008.jpg Oct27_009.jpg
Oct27_010.jpg Oct27_011.jpg
Oct27_012.jpg Oct27_013.jpg
Oct27_014.jpg Oct27_015.jpg
Oct27_016.jpg Oct27_017.jpg
Oct27_018.jpg Oct27_019.jpg
Oct27_020.jpg Oct27_021.jpg
Oct27_022.jpg Oct27_023.jpg
Oct27_024.jpg Oct27_025.jpg
Oct27_026.jpg Oct27_027.jpg
Oct27_028.jpg Oct27_029.jpg
Oct27_030.jpg Oct27_031.jpg
Oct27_032.jpg Oct27_033.jpg
Oct27_034.jpg Oct27_035.jpg
Oct27_036.jpg Oct27_037.jpg

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Tonight Disneyland! Tomorrow Work!

Won tickets from 95.5 KLOS to go to Disneyland for free. Well to get in for free at least. Theres still the matter of quenching one's thrist and filling the tummy of edible objects, Oh and thing that I could get outside of Disneyland for half the price, but then again the point of buying it is saying "Hey, I got that at disneyland back in the day." which happened to be on a thursday by the way. We will be bringing the digital camera for Super Happy Picture Time Fun! So I'll post some pic's of the aftermath. Hmm.. Gonna try to get a pic with some of the Characters too. Yea, Good Times will be had by all.

2 Blocks down make a left and Bam. your at 64th and Main.

Somewhere sometime the other day after yesterday, I looked up and said "Hey, Where's my Red Tractor?"

Just thought I would let you know that.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Alllll RRRiiiight!

Wait for it to load..

Messages from work...

Here are a few voice mail messages from co-workers. This is made me start laughing when he started to sound like Bill Lumbergh from Office Space. VM Ron 01
And today he left me another one. VM Ron 02.

Enjoy some more

Monday, October 24, 2005

I'm Extactic! (and so guy for using that word)

Just received my Recycle Bins from This is a service that is free of charge and a Win Win situation for both you and the world. Great Stuff.

I went from this lovely box.

To this Fine Spectacular Container.

You too can get your own lovely container! Check out:

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Turn me around bend me over and offer me a cookie.

See there are reasons why I don't drink much, but I do understand why people drink, especially after work. It simply amazes me how much people think things are easy for someone in the IT field. Granted, they can be and at times it will seem like there is nothing being done on our end. But believe me, Things are being done regardless if you see them being done. Think about it. How quickly is something fixed that you may ask your IT person. And the things are not fixed with-in a reasonable time, are issues that are sometimes out of the tech's hands, a Third party issue perhaps. These things happen. Just because there is down time for us doesn't mean we're not needed or that we're not doing anything. Things are being watched, things get done before you see a problem.

So the meaning of this post so, so late in the day...

I started today with a smile on my face and a Blue Monster in hand. On my way to work I get buzzed on my Nextel.

"Whats up?"
"Chad, you coming in today?"
"Yea, Im on my way now. Should be there a little after 7:30am"
" ... ? ... "
"Cause, the computers aren't working. They're not showing anything on the screen."

(This next comment from me isnt because Im being a smart ass, Its just needed to be asked.)
"Are they on?"
"Yes, they are. The computer is just blank."
"Ok, Turn them off and wait about 10 seconds, then turn them back on."
"Ok, Oh and the power was off earlier today... (in a Yeah, I think so tone.)"
"Really, well then that changes everything, I'll be around in a few."

I arrive at work, and clock in to get my day going. Head on over to the Cashier's computer to see whats the matter. Ah! a router needs to be reset. Simple enough. So the shipping and receiving guy comes looking for me. Tells me the same thing. And I tell him its the same problem. I explain to him how to fix it if Im not around again. Well, he also has a problem with a Dot Matrix printer that isnt working. So I log into ERA to see whats the matter. Simply it's holding the print job because the router needed to be reset, which is was. After the reset you need to give ERA alittle push so it sends the que'd job on its mary way.

Next Issue arises as I'm in the Server room making sure all Servers (Ours and The Third party ones) are up and running, so I dont get other calls. When Bloop. Power goes out. Its about a little past 9am at this time. The power is out for about 2 minutes max. Everything comes back online looking spiffy. Ahh, But the internet. So, at about 930 or so I give the Mr. Wonderful a call.

"Good Morning Mr Wonderful!!" (Nice and bright!)
"Yesth, Chadt.." (I'll have to get a Voice mail from him and put it up here.)
"It seems to be that the T1 line has gone down, and I have Done everything I can possibly do.... " (Now mind you if you know what type of access to things I need they give me, you'll know that this EVERYTHING isnt alot.) "... and I was wondering if you can give Luis a call and have him check out the firewall" (at this time, I came to the conclusion that with the power outtage that the firewall went down and shutdown hard and the configuration wasnt saved to flash. We had recently upgraded to a T1 from DSL, this is why I thought that. Because it was a possiblity.) So on-ward.. I went explaining the situation to Mr Wonderfull. "Blah Blah Blah Yakk Yakk Yakk Llama Yakk Cow, BLah Llama Blah Blah Moo." So I sit, and wait for some reply as Mr Wonderful does his thing hes does so very well. While I sat and waited I thought about the other possiblities that could have caused this. Could it be that its a refurbished Router? Could it be that the UPS's are worth the 1 ply tissue paper in the mens bathroom at your local AM/PM. Could it be that I shouldn't have ate that burrito from the vending machine? Was it because the T1 speed both up and down Sucks ass. These my friends are questions that moggle my bind. Thus I get up and check the router out and the firewall. Nope, still no connection. "Hmm..." I thought puzzled. Nothing that I can do at the moment. "Damn I wish Mr Wonderfull would get back to me."

At about 11:30am I get a Call from Vik, asking me for some information. I give it to him. and What do you know, He can't connect to us. Imagine that. So, After awhile with dealing with him I get him to have Luis call me so we can get somewhere. We then proceed to try to change around a few settings on the firewall and back to the DSL IP settings. and Nothing, after ahile the Firewall stops allowing a connection, it goes in to denial. Alot of other things happen during this. We try that, do this, try that, move that, hit that, kick that, turn if on, turn it off, Blah Blah Blah. Sign off, Sign on. Nothing. During the this and that time, I had called the T1 provider and got a tech to come out before we closed, or at least before I left for the day. about 1ish Luis hangs up because he has gone through his own resources. And Still no internet access, No wonderfull world of Google, No Checking of personal email, No nothing. Sad a Porter is, Sad... Never the less, I contuine on. I get a back linksys router up and running through the net work. The PIX 515E firewall is down and out likewise the T1 Router. 3:30pm was the time the glorious Single Image page of google with offers of a lucky search came to be. I am Trumpet. then POP! my bubble goes from the sound of my nextel going off. A Sales manager cannot check a credit report. "Doh" I say with a smack to my forehead. So I give ReyRey a call, and to my suprise the T1 line has yet to score a few points against me. So, I tell the rep to change it over to the Dialup modem, which fixes it for the time being. In the mean time, The Tech for the T1 provider is working on the T1 router. The Router is bad. and a New one is placed in. Thus it is about 4:50pm when the new T1 router is completly setup and ready for me to test it. Thus, I unHook the current connection. OH, yea I did. How-ever I thought about it, but also.. Its almost 5pm, most of the employees are completed with work and pretty much heading home. So, I did disconnect it. And No luck with the new router. Oh, it works but not with the Firewall. So I am led to believe that the firewall is having issues.

I am in NO WAY going in early tomorrow. I may however post more about todays events.

I so look forward to tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Printers Sport Hidden Codes...

Image source: addict3d.orgA research team led by the EFF said that it has broken the code behind tiny tracking dots that some color laser printers secretly hide in every document. "We've found that the dots from at least one line of printers encode the date and time your document was printed, as well as the serial number of the printer," said Seth David Schoen, staff technologist at EFF.

This is actually a great idea, unless your a kidnapper and need to use your printer for hostage reasons, then I think your pretty much screwed.

The tracking codes have been around or in use since about 1999 or earlier. Enjoy the Full Story here

Mommy can we go to McDonalds....

Yeppie! Mcdonalds has taken away the Super Size selection of their menu and gave us another way to get fat. Order More food, then Sit and play Games, Screw the Play area I want to play me DS.
Apperently all the DS user has to do is bring his/her DS and a Wi-Fi-enabled game into a Wayport-enabled McDonald's, the user simply launches the game in Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection mode. No setup is required. Maybe a good thing, maybe not.. How hard is it, or I should say, How soon? will be used for laptops and psp's to use the WiFi connection. Im sure sooner than McDonalds and Nintendo wants.


Monday, October 10, 2005

The Fabulous goodness of FireFox Extensions..

While at home this weekend, I updated my FireFox with the extensions I use here at work and found a few additional ones I should post about.

FasterFoxHere They Are:
My favorite so far out of this bunch has to be the Mouse Gestures. This extension is one of the best so far. This is how it works. All this is the default setup for the MouseGestures. Right Click and Hold then Draw a Line From Top to Bottom. This would open a new window. To Open a New Tab, simply draw a line from Bottom to top. Go to the Previous page, Draw a horizontal line from to the Left, Move Foward a page Draw a horizontal line to the Right. Duplicate Tab draw a line Down then Up then back Down. Move to a different tab Up then Left, or Up then Right. Check a lil demo I made for ya. [ View ] You can also check out some more screen captures here.

I also Can not forget the Swedish Chef! This extension allows the Swedish chef to translate the site for you.

Install Now (26 KB File)


Check out the Newest Extensions for FireFox!

Friday, October 07, 2005

Support your own habbit, I do.

I just ordered some recycle bins for work.

All the bins are shipped out free of charge.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Alarm Clock Puzzle...

Karen would love me to have this, Because I would actually have to wake up to Snooze or turn the damn thing off. I will admit, Im lazy and I will set the alarm for 5:30am just to wake up at 630. Yes, I hit the snooze that often.

What the Alarm clock does is fire the pieces in to the air, and then makes its wonderful soothing sound until you put the pieces back in again.

Check it out here, Or even buy it: [ Link ]