Thursday, February 02, 2006

Voice Mails and Messages from the Beyond...

Well not really from the beyond just from Mr. Wonderfull.

So, I come strolling in to my office and sit down and notice a note on my keyboard..
(If you have listened to the voice mails you know how he his.. This just adds to the fun.)

If you think his Voice mails are great have a look at the notes he leaves me.

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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

"Chad can you come to my Office, please."

I get up from my desk and walk to Mr. Wonderfuls office and This is what happened.

MrW moving a few things "When you move something, put it back. You know I am finicy (anal) about this."
Me: "..."
MrW "Thats it, I just wanted to show you this."
Me "Thats it?... Thats all you wanted?"
MrW "Yes"
Me walking away "O... K...ay..."

I shit you not, a total waste of about 3 to 4 minutes. Thanks, I want that time back.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Sorry, I must Bitch about this...

Ok, Everyone knows about Take-Two, the creators of Grand Theft Auto, are being sued over a hidden sex scene where the player can control what happens. Now, As a gamer (not as much as some) this game doesn't bother me, Nor do I see a reason why people should put up a stink about the game, or any game for that matter. Everyone know what Drug dealers do, Pimps do. So why bitch about it, you see it in movies, on the news on tv. So why complain about it when a video game does it. If you feel the content not correct for your kids then don't buy it for them or dont even allow them to buy it and or play it. Easy as that, As a father of a 10 year old who also shares a passion of video game playing, he knows these types of games are off limits until the is older and more mature. If you feel your kid plays them, then let them know you dont want them playing them. There are a lot worse things in the world, and if your kid doesnt know the difference between a game and life then you need to limit the amount of time and game type he or she plays.

What gets me about this whole thing on sueing them over the Hidden Sex scene, there are worse things in the game other than the hidden porn scene. Sex/porn is an easliy accessable through other means, TV, Video, Internet. Which would you perfer, your kid watching porn or actually going out and having an active sex life.

Here's part of an article I was reading that got me started on this post.
The game, released in 2004, is one of a series in which the player takes the role of a criminal who commits murder, deals in drugs and pimps prostitutes in a virtual Los Angeles. However, the makers, Take-Two Interactive Software, may have stepped over the line by embedding a game within a game called Hot Coffee in which the characters have explicit sex under the control of the player.
With a game like this how can you say that you steped over the line by adding sex? Something thats natural, non-the-less something thats hidden in game. Usually these things are not known by average players until it is spread via forums and in this case the Media (news). Which in my eyes is more violent than any movie or game. You don't see anyone going after an author for a really sexual or violent book do we?...

The point of the legal actions are mainly based on the rating being off. From Mature 17+, to what should have been on it Adult only 18+. How can you differ from a year? Kids these days see sex and talk about or are even active, What so different from acting it out on a game than watching it or even going out and doing it.

Enough of me rambling, the News is on, time for my daily dose of Violence.

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