Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Crossloop and You...

It has been a long ass time since I have posted. Yea, I know why now and why not yesterday or the day before that, well I've been meaning to post honestly, but I've been busy lately. So what is this Crossloop I speak of in the title. Well, awhile back I posted on my blog about this nifty service (previous post) that allows me to support my friends and family via the internet. I have done many in the past and still do now. However, Crossloop has released some new features.

Crossloop is making it easier and easier for the average every day user get support (Live Support). No waiting on the phone or talking to someone that lives on Mars. Check out the site, Right off the bat your greeted with "I need help" along with a short list of things to help out with. Best off all setting up a user name is free. If your a techie type and want to help out, it is also free.

Do you have a small business or a home user? Don't want to wait for help or pay an arm and a leg for service from those big tech shops (and why when this could possibly be an easy and simple task), then this is what you need. It is simple, easy to setup and use. Are you behind a firewall? Crossloop is an easy setup, no hassling with Firewall settings, needing to allow this and allow that, but deny this and blah blah. Download, setup an (free) account, install the software and click, bang, wiz, your off to getting that much needed help.

There are a plethora of Users that are willing and waiting to help you out. Alot of them offer free estimates and free Q&A. I know I do, and you can find me here:

If you want to you can read my previous post or check out their Marketplace post here.