Friday, December 23, 2005

Is it me?

I posted a question on a forum I frequent about changing the background color of a Cell or Range of cells. I got answer, but I don't believe it was what I asked. What I posted is a little long so see the link below for what I posted. Now, short and to the point this is what I asked, I asked about the script that is used or needed to change a Cell or Range of Cells, and what I would need and if anyone could point me in the correct direction and got this answer:

Check out Weekday()

Huh ?
But wait? I asked about Changing color of a cell not getting the weekday? I told him in the post I already have this, so i didn't need to know this.

Read the post and let me know if its just me or not.

So is it him or me? Did I not ask clearly? So I left the question unanswered, and went on trying to figure it out, until I found a site that was helpfull, It at least gave me an example as to what I needed to do. So i completed the project and decided to remake the project I was working on, but this time set it up so others can use it and change to what they needed to change it to being that I really couldn't find the information on it, I thought that someone could use it. Here's a link to my post for the public version.
Which is the Excel spread sheet you see in the previous post below.

So, there are a few views before the guy posts again, and What? He says he helped me? Just because he said something about using a Select Case? But he never explained how to change the color of the Cell, notice that I did explain that I already had my project pretty much complete with the execption of the Cell Color change. The only time I see that he said something to use was to use a macro recorder? Didnt state how, just said to use it. Hhuh ok.. So anyways check out the final product and what he had to say, and my reply.

Excel Spread Sheet

Ah.. one of the things I was working on here to make it easier on me and Mr Wonderful. Check out the post here.

"The phone fell off the table..." : : Part 2

Second part to this Post: The Phone fell off the table PART 1

Well I finally had the chance to call 3com and get a new phone. And Yes, I got a New phone. It was harmless. Don't know why I thought it would be. When the rep asked whats wrong with it, I told him that It fell off a table in our service techs area, and that was that. Got everything I needed. Here's the New phone.

If I can figure out how to get my Recorded calls off the damn phone I'll post the call. If anyone knows how to get them off a Motorola i860, please let me know.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Yet another Bunch of Heap!

Just like Microsoft, Symantec reposts that a Flaw reported in Symantec anti-virus software give possibility that users could be open to an attack from a remote hacker thanks to a newly-discovered vulnerability. Independent security researcher Alex Wheeler found that Symantec Antivirus Library can be overwhelmed by "heap overflows" while decompressing a RAR file. The Symantec Antivirus Library provides file format support for virus analysis. During decompression of RAR files Symantec is vulnerable to multiple heap overflows allowing attackers complete control of the system(s) being protected. These vulnerabilities can be exploited remotely without user interaction in default configurations through common protocols such as SMTP (by Default is port 25). This vulnerability affects a substantial portion of Symantec’s gateway, server, & client antivirus-enabled product lines on most platforms. It's recommended to disable scanning of RAR compressed files until the vulnerable code is fixed.

Remember if you don't know the sender Don't Open it, Simply delete the email along with the file.

In the past Alex Wheeler has found other Heap Overflows with-in Panda, Sophos, KASPERSKY, Clamav, COMPUTER ASSOCIATES VET AV, and NOVELL ZENWORKS. Check out his website with his research at

The company plans to update the Antivirus Software Library to fix the vulnerability, and details about that update have been posted to Symantec's Security Response ( No exploits using the vulnerability have been reported to Symantec as of midday Wednesday.

(Image Source:

Researcher: Alex Wheeler

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Yea.. Fun Times...

Most of, well pretty much all of my day today has been editing excel spreadsheets for Mr. Wonderful. Yes, this gets in my way of doing my normal tasks. Because of this, things for others have to wait. Although, keep in mind that if it is urgent or at all someone called having an issue I took care of it, which is about 3 times, all of which were just simple things. Now when I first started here I had to wait because everything went through Mr. Wonderful. These small things he thought were not as important as his excel spreadsheet that calculated the time of day and the date. Now, in all honesty, I'll do these side thigns for him, no biggie, but See something that I do not understand about this man is this. He has me edit these spread sheets that HE has made and when I edit them he expects me to understand why this guy over here is getting 81% in sales and what he sold 2 weeks from last sunday. So I edit these spreadsheets to what he wishes, But upon receiving them back from me he is quick to call me back and ask why this doesnt match up with that and why Jim doesn't have the same sales as Bob but Bob's sales are at 91%, at which time he fixes them at the very moment in a few seconds. See unlike him, I was not born with ESPN, so I can not read his mind and even if I could I dont think I could read his thoughts, especially if he thinks the way he talks, that and I don't speak his first language.

It is about 3:45pm, and I have yet another spreadsheet to edit with his mistakes, Why can't he do them. It would get done faster. I don't call him and ask him to go see why dave can not print from a third party program to his printer. Thats not his job, it mine.

Snaggletooth Little Drum on the Far left of my chin.


A While back slashdot asked its readers for questions to ask the Hosts of Mythbusters. Well they have the answers now. Enjoy!

View the Article

This is one of my Favorite shows, I highly recommend sitting down and watching an episode.

Mythbusters Site

A Day In The Blog of My Life

A Day In The Blog of My Life

Yea, I blogged a blog again... My friend from NY. Enjoy..

Ahh.. Yea.. Corey, Fare-Thee-Well..

Corey Quit today. Yep. Handed in his Nextel and told the Service Manager, "I Quit", And left.
But He'll be back, they always are. Well, mainly because he has to turn in his work clothes.

And for this Corey... Kudos To you!

Mr. Wonderful is back in town...

Yea, My Oh so ever wonderfull boss is back in town and here to stay. Isn't it grand. (Thanks Kevin, i'm gonna have a great time.) So let the festivities begin!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I had a package awaiting me yesterday at my house...

Yea, There was a package waiting for me when I got home yesterday. It was my C-Jump game I ordered, My face and eyes lit up like a kid on christmas morning, or like the first time a boy see's his first pair of boobs. Well, I was then shot down by karen, Blast! It was ordered for a Christmas present for me and my son DJ. So, we have to wait until Sunday to open it and play with it. I'm saddened by this, but I can hold out. DJ on the other hand, could not, he was bugging all night to open it. So, C-Jump game, I'm sorry but you must wait til Saturday at 11:59:59 PM. Oh yes, it will be opened at 12:00am Sunday.