Thursday, June 23, 2005

Adware vendors kept on the ropes by a harvard student...

The site, , regularly analyzes adware and exposes companies that sneak the stuff onto PCs without giving users sufficient warning. In his most recent post, Edelman contends that Google maintains relationships with adware vendors despite Google's policy against doing business with companies that fail to adequately seek consent before their software installs itself.

His work "is just totally invaluable," says Richard Stiennon, head of threat research for Webroot Software, a spyware-cleaning company. " It pulls the cloak off people's eyes. All you hear is claims from some of these vendors that they're good guys and don't do bad things and he turns around and says, 'What about this site where you're installed by a drive-by download? - Read the Full Article

This is a great article, Ben Edelman is doing good by informing users on how & how easy it is for internet users to get spyware and adware on their systems. Reasons he states on his site, are reasons why I do not use spyware & adware programs, because they too can install adware & spyware without the users knowledge. Now days I.E. is vulnerable more than ever with all the BHO's being installed without the user being aware of them. BHO's (Browser Helper Object) can be installed by the user or without the users knowledge. These result in Popups, even when using software like Earthlink's Popup Blocker, Yahoo's Popup Blocker and others like them. A good practice to help prevent these issues can be to shut off some ActiveX abilities in your
Internet Options, or Log in on your computer with a User that has low permissions, like not allowing to install programs, along with other settings you can slow down and sometimes stop these annoyances, However, I would recommend using a different browser than I.E., I strongly suggest Mozilla's FireFox or its own browser Mozilla 1.7.8.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Radio Controlled Golf Ball... Yea.. let the Good Times Roll!

I wonder if you gave this to Tiger Woods and used it as he made a putt, Would he get pissed off? and go off his rocker. I mean the man has gone nuts for lesser things.

Check out the review for it...

Jack S. Kilby: Sweet sweet inventor...

"Jack S. Kilby, the Nobel-winning inventor of the integrated circuit, has succumbed to cancer at age 81. Jack’s circuit paved the way for the microchips that drive most modern electronics, thus allowing you to receive jammin’ hip-hop ringtones on your cell phone for a mere dollar. He also co-invented the hand-held calculator, seemingly motivated by his desire to form dirty words from blockish digital numbers. " - [Source:]

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I surely Owe you a much needed Thank you for your work, With out it I would being doing something else at this very moment.

Google does Paypal... Well not really but the idea's the same.

"SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - Google Inc. (GOOG) CEO Eric Schmidt on Tuesday denied recent media and analyst reports that the online search engine leader is gearing up to compete directly with eBay Inc. (EBAY)'s pioneering PayPal service, although he acknowledged some kind of electronic payment product is in the works."

"We do not intend to offer a person-to-person, stored-value payments system," Schmidt said during an interview with The Associated Press.

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Doh! :: Solar Sail Launch Failed...

"... The Volna booster rocket failed 83 seconds after its launch from a Russian nuclear submarine in the northern Barents Sea just before midnight Tuesday in Moscow, the Russian space agency said.."

"... The signals were picked up late Tuesday after an all-day search for the spacecraft, which had suddenly stopped communicating after its launch, they said..."

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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Haha.. Yea.. I want to get robbed too....

This is one of thee funniest video clips I've seen in awhile...

Guy is held up with a hot chick by his side, and the robber wont let him put his arms down to press the button under the counter, So naturally what does one do?

Video Clip (kinda not work safe...)

Crusie Video..

It was a joke you pompous ass...
The video can be send on this site, where it reads: A prankster's fake microphone squirted Cruise with water.

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Apple Drops Single Processor Power Macs...

Apple Computer has officially discontinued their single-processor Power Mac G5 to make room for an all dual-chip line-up - Apple announced yesterday. Apple's online store removed listings for the 1.8GHz, single-processor computers late last week. Apple confirmed that they were selling the last of their inventory in an effort to push an all dual-chip line-up.


Why can't people pay attention to road signs...

I'm pretty pissed an annoyed at the moment right now. Coming in to work I was cut off by three different Trucks, 1 of which was the General Sales Manager for where I work. Let me explain the street out side and where the dealership is. The street to get to the dealership is set up kinda odd, where the streets cross, in the middle are big circles where the dealerships can place cars up on, so to get around to the other side you have to enter the circle, Now you would normally YIELD to any traffic that is allready in the circle, naturally right? Nope, people today and most everyday, will just go right into it with out looking at you like "Why the Fuck should I stop for you? I'm better than you!". So, I come to the last circle (where my work is,) slow down and see no one is in the circle so I enter it, the cross street I get to theres a big white (stupid 4x4 Raised) that enters the circle and cuts my ass off, the guy doesn't even look at me, so I have to hit my brakes, I bitch and yell out the window toward the guy, and as I turn left in the circle the next cross street theres a kinda dark tan color truck, doesn't even slow down just goes right into the circle after the white truck that cuts me off, again, I have to hit my brakes, Ah but this time I look at the driver, not even a mear glance toward me or to his (the other truck) left to see anyother traffic, and I notice whos the driver, its the general sales manager for the dealership I work for, Yet again I bitch and yell at him, again its no good. So I come to third cross street which is where I make my right so I can go park. As I come to where Im going to park, I slow down and put my left blinker on to pull in to the empty space (there are a few around me) as I'm in the begining of the turn I here a long honk of a horn, I look in my mirror and theres a guy thats trying to get around me ON MY LEFT, mind you theres a double yellow line on this street, and he had his truck halfway over the double line. I park and he stops and bitches and yells at me. For what? trying to go around me.. WTF, what a fucking way to start the day. I don't plan on talking to anyone for the morning, being Im off to a great morning. Also my boss had called and he wanted me to call him back so I did, we talked and part of the conversaion we had was about money. And well I was still pretty hot about the car thing, and I told him.. "But that what you do you NICKEL AND DIME everyone." his answer... "What?" I then realized what I said and knew I said it because I was annoyed still, but I repeated myself "You NICKEL and DIME people until you get it for less than cost, [Bosses name], you need to understand people need to make money and eat to." and he responded to that with "Yes, I know that, but why would they give it to me at the price I ask for, they still make money even with the discounts they give me." Let me explain why this buggs me, First off me and a friend are over worked and under paid, I am very sure that if he wasnt my boss I would be making more of what I should be getting. The other thing is this guy can makes a [no a fence, but it is a stereo type], a jewish man look as if he throws money away. I mean, he got a T1 line leased for 400 bucks, the line should be above 800 a month. Instead of getting about 300 of a computer that costs about $1,000, he gets it for about $450 to $500. I've told him many times, "People need to make a living too, If some is selling you something they're normally making a commission from it, and the more you drill them for the less they get." I am firm believer in tipping and allowing someone to their commission especially when they have worked for it. So when I have order things from Dell, through the same guy, I take the 300 or so off and buy the damn thing. My boss has gone as far as getting about 30 printers for free from dell, just because he bought 30 computers from them at $500 a piece (down from about $800 and original price about $1,000). Good by, but really now. Anywho, Im done for the time being for bitching, I've calmed down a little. So, I hope this

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post hasn't bored you. Later

Monday, June 20, 2005

Microsoft to launch their own version of BitTorrent

Nothing good can come from this...

"Always keen to knock off someone else's ideas and then sink a huge amount of money into becoming the new standard in that area, Microsoft have set their sights on challenging BitTorrent. The company have promised to release an alternative to the P2P file-sharing network, called Avalanche. The new software is currently being developed in Cambridge, UK, and will include a new 'publisher certificate' solution which utilises DRM to ensure that only legal content is shared."


Space: "Sun lets craft set sail in space."

" THE world's first solar sail is to be launched tomorrow from a Russian nuclear submarine in the Barents Sea, heralding a new era of space travel.

Cosmos 1 will be launched on a converted intercontinental ballistic missile and, once in orbit, will unfurl eight ultra-thin triangular sails, each about 14m long, in a windmill formation.

The private US-Russian consortium that developed the craft said photons, or light particles, bouncing off the reflective sails would propel it.

If successful, the mission will be as significant a milestone for space exploration as the invention of the fabric sail was for travel on Earth.

Solar sails could replace rockets on some spacecraft within a decade and, with a boost from a satellite-based laser, reach Pluto within two years and Alpha Centauri, the closest star to Earth, within 1000."

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Finally, something made from Real baby nipples!

Was at Wal*mart this past weekend and saw this while in the checkout line.
Thats Right "Real Baby Nipple".

"It's a normal day here [at Chuch E Cheese] today."

Wow what a normal day for Chuck E Cheese customers. This is why I worked at Discovery Zone way back when.

Chuck E. Cheese fight turns bloody
A fight between two children Saturday night at Chuck E. Cheese in the Atlantic Terminal Mall in Brooklyn turned into a bloody brawl between parents, police said.

About 8:30 p.m., two girls started to argue at the theme restaurant, popular for children's birthday parties.

A girl kicked the other child, which got their moms into a heated argument of their own.

Then, the fathers of the two girls started to argue. One of the dads was joined by two of his friends in jumping the other father.

Then two other men attending a young boy's birthday saw the beating and tried to help the victim. One of the suspects pulled out a knife and stabbed the father who was being beaten up and one of the Good Samaritans.

Police responding to the call arrested one of the suspects, Neron Banks, 28. He was charged with assault and criminal possession of a weapon.

The victims, 31 and 34, were rushed to King's County Hospital and were in stable condition.

Police Sunday were looking for the two other suspects, one wearing a camouflage T-shirt and blue jeans, and the other sporting a white T-shirt and a pair of white sweat pants.

Robert Woodard, the assistant security director at the mall, did not comment on the specific incident. However, he said he does not expect the mall to change its security policies because of this one incident. They do not normally search visitors to the mall.

"It's a normal day here today," Woodard said.

Staff writer Denisa R. Superville contributed to this story.


Four Arrested For Squirting Water At Tom Cruise

Wow.. not thats really ridiculous, It's Understandable that he's at premier and doesnt want to get wet, but to arrest them for it.. Come on, thats fucked up kick them out of the area dont arrest them, I mean if it was yellow and kinda warm then I could undstand a lil more. [Source:]