Saturday, January 07, 2006

Updates.. that take all day...

Had updates to do this morning that took me all day to do. Well, actually I finished them in the normal time, which was about 2 hours. None-the-less, Mr. wonderfull was in today, So that caused me to not finish anyother duties that I had planned before I left, which would have been around 10ish. I got to work at 6am, which is normal for me when I do my updates (beats being there after 10pm).

So, the updates are done. I now head on to getting two new pcs for the sales desk managers, which I got running during the week and ready to exchange early today. But Nope, I was stoped right in my tracks by Mr Wonderfull to help him fix his new printer that he tried to install. Well, I was quickly able to figure out why it he couldnt. Apparently, you can't use Macintosh drivers and software for plug and pray on a windows xp workstation. Well after some battle to find the correct CD for the the printer, I then did a full install of the HP software (750mbs), I waited for the first 5 mins, then figured it was going to be awhile before it finished, this allowed me to get the other pcs up and running, I got up and told mr wonderfull not to touch his pc and to let it finish installing, and let me know when it was done. I wander off to finish the other workstations. Not too much time flys by when Im summoned back to his office.

MrW: "Chad, I finished the install. I click on finish. But the scann software isn't there."
Me: "I told you not to touch your pc until I came back.."
MrW: "Yes, it was finished so I clicked, Finish."
Me: "Did you see any other buttons or notices for installing anything else or something wasnt installed correctly?"
MrW: "No, said nothing that I know of."

Well, that was great. So i then proceed to figure out why it did not install the scanning software. Now, this isn't the first time I've had problems with multi-function printers not installing fully. So, I proceeded to look at the files on the cd to find if there is any setup for the scanner. Nope. So I looked around a little bit more and decided to uninstall the software and drivers and give it a clean install with the printer pluged in (I did the first install unplugged.. because of other printers like it that way). So, I started to install the software again while Mr wonderfull was in the office, to show him that I installed it to FULL compacity. Well then ending result was an installed printer that works, but the scaning feature. Thus, mr wonderful starting to complain about why this and why that and I've done this here and there and I can yadda yadda yadda. I then told him, Look, you watched me install it with Full Options, and I went through eveything I possibly could and still no scaning tool. I then told him to read about a book about a lil boy named manual or to call HP and that I had other things to finish so I could complete my duties and be on my way to start my .. [yes] .. vacation time. To make it short and nice, I didnt end up leaving until 2pm.

So yea, Im off for a week without work. Well, Im actually wondering how long it will be until he or someone else from work calls me. I was seriously thinking about starting a Football style Pool for my vacation time and see what dates and times I would be called on. Everyone at work knows I will not be in next week, so I should not get any calls.. Notice I said should not. But we will see my friend, we shall see. Even on my way out today, mr wonderfull stopped me and asked about getting something done on monday, I had to remind him I was not going to be in on monday. and he said.. "Oh." with a hmmm kinda tone to it. So with that said, Bid thee adu.

Friday, January 06, 2006



Microsoft patches .wmf vulnerablity

Microsoft has made a patch available for the .wmf vulnerablity. The patch was release yesterday after finishing testing, which was ahead of schedule. Their (MS) monthly patch will be out next tuesday. Mike Nash Corporate Vice President responsible for security at Microsoft wrote in the team blog that the decision to release ahead of schedule was driven by talking to customers and that they had indicated a preference to have the patch available out of cycle. Customers with automatic update turned on will automatically receive the update. At an enterprise level, Nash advised putting the patch through exactly the same testing procedures run on any security update before rolling it out. More information can be found on their website.

However, put out a temporary patch to help protect Windows users from the exploitation of the WMF vulnerability. You can apply either patches, Do the patch then microsoft's or just not update at all.