Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I found this Matchbook sir.

No match sticks or books here, so if you came for them, you'll be disappointed if you continue on, and Sorry to waste your reading this when you could have stopped awhile ago, Well actually, Im not sorry because You could have stopped.

Roaming around looking for a link on a project im working on at home I came across an engery drink rating site: Of course I have to look and read some of them.. Wow. Some I've never heard and I want them. I liked this one.. Spaz Juice, and this one I'd have to agree with the editor. But of course, Monster has one of the best ratings.

Angie Energy Rating: 10
Angie Taste Rating: 10
Angie Value Rating: 10

Jason Energy Rating: 9
Jason Taste Rating: 8
Jason Value Rating: 10

Check out my new Palm-Pilot

It runs off Linux and I use VI editor. (Buh Da Da Clang!)
(Theres actually more smeard writing on my hand but you cant really see it)

Walking, Walking Walking, Breathe

The New Job at the Casino is freaking great. I'm loving it, the day goes by so fast. Im currently working day shift, so we'll see how fast the day goes when I start swing or grave. Working at the casino is a blast, believe it or not. I enjoy it a hellaway more than the craptacular dealership. Working on a Ticket system is easy, I look at my tickets and get them done, Im not stopped every 15mins to fix a spreadsheet, or look at a spreadsheet that I just sent out. Nope, just my work and thats it, Im very much appericated when I complete a ticket. When you go to a user (which is pretty much 75% of the time, your thanked. Something that was rare from the dealership, although there were times that I was thanked, but not from Mr. Wonderful. But that is all in the past.Really though the New place Rocks! Yea, Im actually working in an IT environment and not some half assed-mickey moused network, er, spagetti'd group of computers. Thing matter.

So, I'll end that aburptly because I didnt keepup with the train of thought that was traveling through my mellon.

Oh did I mention the walking? No? ok then I will.

Yea the walking and walking to and from each user is nice. Should be loosing some pounds for this. Yea, I work-out. hahahaha