Saturday, June 24, 2006

It's midnight at 10am.

Graveyard Shift. Its a wonderful thing. Makes the day go by much faster, simply because you sleep through it. Just finished my second week on grave. And I have to say, Im rather enjoying it. The work day just flies by, even when there is nothing for me to do. And Yes, I have been neglecting my blogging duties, but it is not really my fault, well yes it is but Im blaming the job. So, deal with it. All in all the only thing I'd have to say I miss is being with the kids and karen. But now that the kids are out of school for the summer I shall see them during the day when I get home. Im thinking of not heading to slumber until about 3pm that way I can sleep until 9 or so. Well If I can make it to 3, Its all really a matter of getting my sleeping habits changed over to this new time schedule. Did I mention that Im a day behind everyone else. Something like that.

As for other things there there and here. Doing what I can when I can. Oh, I went back to the dealership the other day. Karen had a doc apt in riverside so I droped her off and then went trucking over there. Man, Do I miss that place, No.. No I don't, I can't back that up, really I don't not at all. And yes, Mr. Wonderfully has called in the past for odd questions about where is this and how did you do that and "Did I leave the stove on again." kind of things. And I come to find out the Tablet PC's that where setup and Working when I left, are not working. Apparently, ever since the ERA people came out and setup the program on them they stopped working away/off the docking stations. So once you pull them from a Lan connection and go Wireless they decide to protest and not work. I was talking with one of the mechanics and he thinks is has to deal with the fact that the ERA program (which runs kinda like a telnet session), that is so old that it really doesnt know what to do with the Wireless connection that it says Fuck you and quits. Hence why it works on the lan. But hey, NOT my problem any more. Ahhhh... Much better.

So ah.. other than that I said Hi to a few people. and here a few other classic stories since I've been gone. Funny stuff too, but for another post.. Im hungry.

Was looking through some old backup cd's and found a few photos. heres one of them