Friday, June 17, 2005

Store Wars

Yes, its all about the organic food!
Check out:

Still the earthquake thing...

More of a real time update. Shows a lot more of the small quakes that happen.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Thats GREAT!!!

Oh Man... I cant wait to see the other Office Pranks


Wee. Earthquake...

Weeee.. 5 point threeee.

Link will show ya the recent quakes fer So. Cali

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Hmm.. Cameron Diaz and a dying wish....

PHILADELPHIA, Monday: The parents of 15-year-old leukaemia patient Josh Morten, who last night passed away after a four year battle with the illness, said they were sorry not to have fulfilled his dying wish to get a blow job from Cameron Diaz.

The courageous teenager told his family two months ago that the one thing he'd really like before he died was to be sucked off by the successful Hollywood actress and former model."Josh never asked for much," his father confided. "He never complained about his illness, or made unrealistic demands. So when he requested fellatio from the star of Charlie's Angels and There’s Something About Mary we thought, sure, that’s the least we can do for him."But attempts to grant Josh his dying wish proved much more difficult than the family had initially thought. Formal requests inviting the star to perform oral sex on their dying son were repeatedly declined.

"We wrote, we rang, we faxed," Mr Morten explained. "And every time it was the same answer: 'Sorry, Ms Diaz is currently unable to comply with your request.' I mean, how unsympathetic can you get? We're talking about a dying kid here! Would it kill her?"

Mr Morten even made a special trip to Los Angeles, to try to talk to the movie star personally outside the premiere of Gangs of New York. "The crowds were ten deep," he said, "and I'm there yelling out to her from the back: 'Will you go down on my son please!', but she didn’t want to know."

With hopes diminishing by the day, Mr Morten placed similar standby requests with the agents representing Catherine Zeta Jones, Jennifer Lopez and Salma Hayek, but in each case the stars refused to co-operate.

"Who do they think they are, these women!" railed Mr Morten. "They earn millions of dollars and swan about at fancy parties, but when they get a simple request to bring a smile to a young boy far less fortunate than them, they turn their back on you. What kind of world do we live in when a dying teenager can no longer get his cock sucked by a celebrity?"


No, really it is.

Hey I have a message on my phone! lets check!

[pushes blue msg button on phone]
"Please enter your pin numer!" - said the lovely voice from the phone.
Beep Booeepp Bep Bop [enters pin] (if your wondering its 1-2-3-5)
"You have 1 new message..., Press 1 to listen, press 2 ..." says the lady as I cut it off and press 1
"New message from: Kevin at ..."

What a lovely message and here we are at a new post...
I did hear about this yesterday but didnt comment on it, but just because Kevin left the message I had to post.

Yes, Wal*mart and Target plan top phase out VHS by the end of the year. Go on, read about it your self..
[Read the story:]

However, good ole Wal*mart says:
"While it's true that there is stronger growth in demand for DVDs, many of our customers have VHS recorders and therefore still want VHS tapes," said Karen Burk, spokeswoman for Wal-Mart. "We will continue to sell the VHS tapes as long as there is a demand from our customers."

[Read the story:]
p.s just kidding about my pin number.. its 1-2-3-4.. haha.. no Im kidding..

Was just kiddnapped, and taken to the bosses house...

Went, and came back, 5 min job that took me 30 mins to get there and back. Funny, though.. it wasn't that far from the dealership. Well, all in all the problem was the router. It deicded simply not to let any one out, So a quick fix because my bosses brother needed to get it fixed and get back home so he could take his mother to the doctor, quick fix was to reset the damn thing, simple.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Get to go to the boss's house to fix some things...

Yay me, I get to venture out today to the boss's house to fix an issue with their internet. I was told a few minutes ago that "The computer with the internet on it, isn't working any more..." and that "...the internet wouldn't come up on the computer like it should..." So I shall embark on an adventure out to his pad. Oh Joy!
(actually, i suppose it wouldn't be that painful, but then again I don't want to speak to soon.)

::update:: ok, was just called and told that i'm not going to the boss's house today, more less tomorrow. Hell, im not sure. glad though.. now I can sleep--err--um--work.

One Time use Digital Camera [Reviewed]...

So far so good reviews! Check them out...

Damn, I should have droped out of college...

Blast! and I just got my AS for Computer Networking. I should have droped out. haha...

"During his commencement address at Stanford last weekend, Steve Jobs told graduates that dropping out of college was the best thing he's done..." [Source:]

Want to go to the cafe' ?

"Some cafes that offer free Wi-Fi find that the technology does attract patrons, but getting them to leave is another story. The New York Times has a story on businesses, such as Victrola Café & Art, which are cutting back on their Wi-Fi offerings." [Source:]

It was bound to happen, I mean come on, Its FREE with paid coffee or other item thats sold there, so why not go and bogg down someone elses access. :)

The New MMC 3.0 looks promising

From what I listened to and saw during R2 MMC Chat, the new MMC 3.0 is looking good. The chat was actually for MMC 2.1, but was decided to be for 3.0 at the last second. They changed from 2.1 to 3.0 because 2.1 didnt reflect the amount of work that went in to the new version, which has changed just by the design of it. Their getting the ideas together and adding what could have been done in the previous version(s). One of the new additions that I noticed (or was pleased with) is the fact that each addition with be placed in its own thread. Its gone from synchronous to Asynchronous UI and is no longer blocked or it seems like its hung, so there fore it does it in the background and returns MMC console back to you; improved dection and reporting of snap-in problems The GUI for Adding and Removing a snap-in has changed and changed for the better. With easier navigation, and the new design allowing to also pick and choose from using child snap-ins within each parent snap-in.

Can Microsoft send mail from the future?

Got this email today from Micorsoft beta, It's for a chat session today (right now as I speak) for the new MMC in Win2003 server R2 release. just thought it was amusing to me with the time differences.

(watching and listening to it currently) post more in a few...

Monday, June 13, 2005

Some Emulator Gaming Greatness!

Now you can play your Favorite NES (roms) on your pc, or just use it for any game you play on your PC.

However the site is in japanese, But our Great! friends at Google, can translate the page for ya (or at least try too)
Non-Translated - or -

Read this earlier... A MAC inside a Dell

Read a post on about a Dell laptop running OS X. OS X is the newest OS for macs. Apple has been working on using Intel processors [read more...] in their personal computers.

"...Now, is this important? Probably not. It’s probably just somebody’s reskinned Powerbook. However, if this is what we think it is, it means that Intel-tasticness is even now leaking into the wild." [Source:] Check out the video [ Source:]

PVPonline: Comic of Breath

[Click to Enlarge]

Nerds make better Lovers! [Damn Straight]

The New York Daily News does some serious investigative reporting this week, stating "Nerds Make Better Lovers." [Source:]

[Full Story:]

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Is that a Duck???

Where'd the Duck come from? And Why is it in the shot?
Can anyone tell me? The Still is from a movie with Lauren Graham & Vin Diesel called the Pacifier.

Leave a comment if you know.
[Image Source:]