Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Brains... Brains...... Hey I can enlarge my....

Sophos launched a new automated service that identifies exploited and hijacked computers on business networks. Sophos ZombieAlert™ a new alert service that identifies computers on an organization’s network that send out spam. ZombieAlert adivsed service subscribers when any computer on their network is found to have sent spam to Sophos's extensive global network of spam traps, and provides rapid notification to customers if their Internet Protocol (IP) addresses are listed in public Domain Name Server Blackhole Lists (DNSBL). This information helps customers locate, disinfect, and protect these systems from future attacks.

“Aside from consumers, organizations such as educational institutions and government agencies are most at risk because they often have complex environments with remote and home users, which makes it far more challenging to provide effective security,” said Gregg Mastoras, senior security analyst at Sophos. “Our global network of threat analysis centers, provide around the clock visibility into new and emerging threats, including compromised computers. This alert service gives organizations the opportunity to remedy the situation and clean their systems.”

“Sophos is the first vendor we know of to offer an on-the-fly alert service that advises organizations that they are being used to host zombies," said David Ferris of Ferris Research. "This service is unique and very timely. I would anticipate that competitors would soon follow suit."

This is truely a good thing. I would love to be apart of this service, but I can not... Saddly, the company I work for is apart of the symantec AV group, Which in part isnt all that bad. However I would like to change over, but I know the powers above won't go for it, because the expenice. So I shall just pretend I have this service! Weeee.

[ Source: sophos.com ]

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