Sunday, September 25, 2005

Gonna Have a go at the eBay thing...

Gonna have a try at selling on eBay. Bought a 14.1" LCD Display for a Dell Latitude 100L because I had aquired one for Free from work, but the only thing about it was that the Display was bad. Thus I changed the display, and about 3 days latter dell decided to call and want the Laptop back, So I had to change the display back to the one with an issue.

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For those like me whom have yet to sell anything I shall let you know how it went. Well, The setup was fine and easy, Quick and simple. Im just curious on how it will list within the searches because I did not pay for the higher listing fee. The Item will last for 7 days, After that I might put it back on, I will be charged 7 dollars for this ebay posting. I shall post in 7 days about my ebay selling adventure.

Here go look for something on

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