Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Whats the point to having a Network Admin. at your work if the network administrator doesn't have access to everything he needs. Seriously, Why am I here then. I need full access to everything, So when an employee has an issue with something I'm able to fully help them out. I shouldn't have to tell them, "[Wuh-oh] I can't do that, you'll have to call Mr. Wonderful for this." Believe it or not there are serveral things here that I do not have access to, that I should have access to. Thus is amazing to me why I do not have access to these things. One of which the General Sales Manager does, and I don't. He is in Sales, I am the Companies Network & Systems Adimistrator, (or at least I thought I was) To my knowledge I should have the access to setting up user accounts and removing them for certain websites that service uses and NOT Sales. So why can I not have this access? What am I going to do, Bring the company down? why would I. If I realyl wanted too there are other ways in doing this, And If I really wanted to I can have access to these things, but if they see I use them they, I should say Mr. wonderfull will have a shit fit. He no longer works down here, so why does he still have his lil grubby hand here. The place already runs better than when he was here. Our third party companies servers' and systems don't here from us, and if they do its because something on their end and not ours. I don't hear bad things about what I do here nor do I hear that things suck around here because of me. If thats the word then I would like to know, but I have not been told otherwise. I just don't understand this concept of his of keeping me out of these things. To tell you the truth, when I first started here I wasn't shown anything but a few small things. In fact On January 1 there was a virus that got into the system, in which I figured out what and when and how to fix it. However, I was not told about a certain pc that seemed to be the culprit (wow, I cant believe I just used that word), so after cleaning every pc in the this place it hit again, WTF I thought. So then I ask, I need to know where Every pc is in this place and I went out on a hunt and found it and stoped it. Would have been nice to know about this lil guy because I had to go and clean the place over again just to be safe. And Not even a Thanks Chad, or Good Job, Nice Work or even a pat on the ass with a "Good Game!". And I still work here, Jesus I need a new employer.


Lav said...

I love you, don't worry you'll get a better job. I seriously think you need to sit down with the head cheese and tell him what's wrong. Can't fix things when you don't know anything is wrong.

Oh your girlfriend is putting the beatdown on my baby.. That bitch!

OH BTW, I had to create one of these stupid blogs to comment on your blog.. Gee Thanks for making it friends only..

Lav said...

hhaha Anytime love!