Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Turn me around bend me over and offer me a cookie.

See there are reasons why I don't drink much, but I do understand why people drink, especially after work. It simply amazes me how much people think things are easy for someone in the IT field. Granted, they can be and at times it will seem like there is nothing being done on our end. But believe me, Things are being done regardless if you see them being done. Think about it. How quickly is something fixed that you may ask your IT person. And the things are not fixed with-in a reasonable time, are issues that are sometimes out of the tech's hands, a Third party issue perhaps. These things happen. Just because there is down time for us doesn't mean we're not needed or that we're not doing anything. Things are being watched, things get done before you see a problem.

So the meaning of this post so, so late in the day...

I started today with a smile on my face and a Blue Monster in hand. On my way to work I get buzzed on my Nextel.

"Whats up?"
"Chad, you coming in today?"
"Yea, Im on my way now. Should be there a little after 7:30am"
" ... ? ... "
"Cause, the computers aren't working. They're not showing anything on the screen."

(This next comment from me isnt because Im being a smart ass, Its just needed to be asked.)
"Are they on?"
"Yes, they are. The computer is just blank."
"Ok, Turn them off and wait about 10 seconds, then turn them back on."
"Ok, Oh and the power was off earlier today... (in a Yeah, I think so tone.)"
"Really, well then that changes everything, I'll be around in a few."

I arrive at work, and clock in to get my day going. Head on over to the Cashier's computer to see whats the matter. Ah! a router needs to be reset. Simple enough. So the shipping and receiving guy comes looking for me. Tells me the same thing. And I tell him its the same problem. I explain to him how to fix it if Im not around again. Well, he also has a problem with a Dot Matrix printer that isnt working. So I log into ERA to see whats the matter. Simply it's holding the print job because the router needed to be reset, which is was. After the reset you need to give ERA alittle push so it sends the que'd job on its mary way.

Next Issue arises as I'm in the Server room making sure all Servers (Ours and The Third party ones) are up and running, so I dont get other calls. When Bloop. Power goes out. Its about a little past 9am at this time. The power is out for about 2 minutes max. Everything comes back online looking spiffy. Ahh, But the internet. So, at about 930 or so I give the Mr. Wonderful a call.

"Good Morning Mr Wonderful!!" (Nice and bright!)
"Yesth, Chadt.." (I'll have to get a Voice mail from him and put it up here.)
"It seems to be that the T1 line has gone down, and I have Done everything I can possibly do.... " (Now mind you if you know what type of access to things I need they give me, you'll know that this EVERYTHING isnt alot.) "... and I was wondering if you can give Luis a call and have him check out the firewall" (at this time, I came to the conclusion that with the power outtage that the firewall went down and shutdown hard and the configuration wasnt saved to flash. We had recently upgraded to a T1 from DSL, this is why I thought that. Because it was a possiblity.) So on-ward.. I went explaining the situation to Mr Wonderfull. "Blah Blah Blah Yakk Yakk Yakk Llama Yakk Cow, BLah Llama Blah Blah Moo." So I sit, and wait for some reply as Mr Wonderful does his thing hes does so very well. While I sat and waited I thought about the other possiblities that could have caused this. Could it be that its a refurbished Router? Could it be that the UPS's are worth the 1 ply tissue paper in the mens bathroom at your local AM/PM. Could it be that I shouldn't have ate that burrito from the vending machine? Was it because the T1 speed both up and down Sucks ass. These my friends are questions that moggle my bind. Thus I get up and check the router out and the firewall. Nope, still no connection. "Hmm..." I thought puzzled. Nothing that I can do at the moment. "Damn I wish Mr Wonderfull would get back to me."

At about 11:30am I get a Call from Vik, asking me for some information. I give it to him. and What do you know, He can't connect to us. Imagine that. So, After awhile with dealing with him I get him to have Luis call me so we can get somewhere. We then proceed to try to change around a few settings on the firewall and back to the DSL IP settings. and Nothing, after ahile the Firewall stops allowing a connection, it goes in to denial. Alot of other things happen during this. We try that, do this, try that, move that, hit that, kick that, turn if on, turn it off, Blah Blah Blah. Sign off, Sign on. Nothing. During the this and that time, I had called the T1 provider and got a tech to come out before we closed, or at least before I left for the day. about 1ish Luis hangs up because he has gone through his own resources. And Still no internet access, No wonderfull world of Google, No Checking of personal email, No nothing. Sad a Porter is, Sad... Never the less, I contuine on. I get a back linksys router up and running through the net work. The PIX 515E firewall is down and out likewise the T1 Router. 3:30pm was the time the glorious Single Image page of google with offers of a lucky search came to be. I am Trumpet. then POP! my bubble goes from the sound of my nextel going off. A Sales manager cannot check a credit report. "Doh" I say with a smack to my forehead. So I give ReyRey a call, and to my suprise the T1 line has yet to score a few points against me. So, I tell the rep to change it over to the Dialup modem, which fixes it for the time being. In the mean time, The Tech for the T1 provider is working on the T1 router. The Router is bad. and a New one is placed in. Thus it is about 4:50pm when the new T1 router is completly setup and ready for me to test it. Thus, I unHook the current connection. OH, yea I did. How-ever I thought about it, but also.. Its almost 5pm, most of the employees are completed with work and pretty much heading home. So, I did disconnect it. And No luck with the new router. Oh, it works but not with the Firewall. So I am led to believe that the firewall is having issues.

I am in NO WAY going in early tomorrow. I may however post more about todays events.

I so look forward to tomorrow.


JackThePurpleCat said...

Would You Like A Cookie ?

ChuckleInMyGrave said...

Hey Jack, I love cookies. This firewall business has me on the edge too, but it isn't bad when you actually don't have the red tape or chain of command issues.

The one thing I've learned as a netadmin is that netadmin is a metaphor. Sounds to me like your company needs a boost from Firewall-1.