Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas Everyone, And Happy Hoildays!

Ahh Yes, yet another christmas has past and the begining of a new 365 days to wait. I was success in being able to open my C-Jump board game, saddly I have no one to play it with at the current moment, DJ and Jess arenot here, and well Jessie would have no clue how to play, Although her math skills I might add for a 1st grader are great. Karen took one look at the board and said, "Wow that looks borring.", She's not much of a math person nor into as much geeky stuff as I or DJ are. So I shall wait till DJ gets back.

On another note its a fine day. We all made out pretty well. At about 4:30ish we'll be heading out to my parents house for Christmas Dinner.

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Lav said...

I'm not geeky!!! I'm just not into the math stuff, I'm a whole lot...gee.. OK ok.. I'm nerdier than you are.. Maybe you are geekier..

Now throw me some history, medicine, interesting books to read, things like that.. Then we've got something...