Friday, January 27, 2006

File's date is wrong...

A while back I created an excel file that has some automation to as far as
creating cells with the correct month and days and then coloring them as needed
for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The thing with the file is that it has to end in
a 4 digit number, i.e. report2006.xls. Theres a function in it that takes the four
digits and makes it the year for the workbook. So if its not named to this format
the dates will be off. So heres the thing.

Mr. Wonderfull calls me to show me that the files' date is not showing correctly
and the I need to make sure that when the file is done in the morning that it is
done correctly and with out any errors so he can send it to the boss. I get to his
office and look at the file. The date shows as follows: 01/01/6(1). I then tell
him that the file when I sent it did not show that, and that I would look at it.
Now, I didn't notice the file error until I came back to my office and checked the
file. I make the nessecary edits and then remember the date thing. So I make a
note with in the excel file, and how it needs to be saved as, Then send it on its
way back to Mr. Wonderfull. A few seconds later I recieve a call from him, Asking
what I mean by the file name. I then try to explain to him that he had changed
the name of the file so it read 01/01/6(1) as the date. The then tells me that he
did not change the filename. And he is very adamant about it. Anything with
this man no matter how truthfull or right you can be is still wrong and your fault,
regardless of what proof you have.

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