Thursday, February 16, 2006

I am a Jedis' Apperentice...

Mr. Wonderfull calls me to his office today. (One of many times) Shows me he's having problems connecting to a pc at the northern california dealership. But before I continue, I must explain how we conntect to each other. We have a VPN connection between both dealerships, so in-essense I can conenct to (workstation) from (workstation). We use Remotely anywhere to Remote to each station. Now normally there isnt any issue with connecting to each other. But when you have another Nic card installed, and its directly connected to a DSL connection, IE will connect through the DSL rather than the Networked connection. So naturally, if you try to access, it will not connect being its not going through the VPN that has been setup. I explain this to him and disable the DSL connection for the time being. Upon thinking about why he has or needs a second Nic card I engage in a small conversation with Mr. Wonderfull.

Me: "So, why do you need a second nic card anyways?"
Mr.W: "Because..."
Me: "Why? theres really no need for it, your pc doesnt have any bandwidth load problems..."
Mr.W: "I need it, and When you are ready I will tell you why I have it, until then you do not need to know."
Me: "..."
I walk out of the office and think to myself, Am I some sort of padawan? That answer just doesn't make sense. "When I am ready?". What the hell kind of answer is that.

I need to stop asking "Why?" with this man, he is simply amazing with the things he comes up with.

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