Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Two or 10... Hmmm Interesting.

42 Times. Once in the right Direction. Twice In the other direction and three times a twinkie. Why is it that 1 can not be enough, but 3 is a crowd. If I can get Whole Sliced Peaches for a $ 1.75, why is it that Jimmy cracks corn. How do you crack corn, anyway. So back to 42. It's said 42 is the meaning of life, or the answer. So My question, is what was asked to get the answer. Was it how much does this Pearing Knife set Cost? Or Is it, How much the Doggy in the window really is? Or is it just the answer when you Multiply 6 by 7. Either way I will never know if its 42 licks to the center of a Tootise pop.

I actually hoped I would have something more meaningful and factual. Well, I could tell you that that the answer is "2 b" ("to be").

Something like that. I'll post something more meaningfull and useless. Oh and I'll try to fix the comments button too.

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Lav said...

haha, I read this to Brandi. She thinks you're mental. haha...