Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Window Tinting and Wireless...

They don't mix.

So don't put a Wireless connection behind a Very Dark Tinted window. Unless you dont want the outside world to use your connectiong. I've learned this from experince. and also looked it up on the net. Heres one link for it.

Yes, I racked my knoggin on this one. Trying to setup two Access points to act as a bridge to use a VoIP Phone. One AP was set up in a Gazebo (sp) and the other in a Building that has a big window, in-which is very much tinted. Closed the door to the room and bam, Connection lost. Arrgg.. WTF. Before all this both AP's were testing and worked fine. So, when they were put in place, they had a low signal. I check to make sure the distance was not a factor, which it was not. Low and behold it was the damned Tinting on the Window. Good Times

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