Thursday, April 06, 2006

Thank you Pull Forward...

The other day, Karen wanted KFC for dinner. So I drove down to the nearest KFC and went through the drive-through. As we approached the Menu, I thought I wonder if they take ATM, being I didnt have any cash on me. So its our turn to order. I thought I would ask the attendant if they took ATM.

Attendant: "Welcome to KFC, ..." Blah Blah " order when your ready."
Me: "Do you guys take ATM Cards?"
Attendant: "No, Only Debit Cards."
Normally the answer from them is "As long as it has a Visa or Mastercard logo."
The answer that was given actually stumped me and I couldnt order, I turned and looked at karen, and asked just to make sure. "ATM and Debit card's are used the same way, right?"

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