Tuesday, May 09, 2006

First Day, New Job. New Wooden Spoon.

First day on the new job, Had orientation today at my new employer, Pala Casino Spa & Resort. Mainly orientation was first part of the morning, after lunch. Oooooh Lunch, Yea, I get free food. Yum! Actually it is good food, so far, so cant complain on that aspect. Parking, Ahh Yes, Fantastic, employee's have their own section, and no more fighting and having a brisk walk to and from your car to your office. Oh sorry, Back to the day events. After lunch, I started the (actually second tour) of the casino, which was more indepth than the first one. Every employee I've meet today has seemed very friendly, everything is up beat, which is good. Heh, back to the post, and stop rambling... Got setup with User name and what not today, and started my shadow process and followed a co-worker around. This will be my first job that I will use a Ticket system, which I think is great. No more Excel spreadsheets for mee! Nor, no more waiting to fix an issue. By the way, Mr Wonderful called me this morning. He needed to know why I set something up the way I did, so I explained and he said, "Oh". I think I will expect other calls. But thats besides the point of the post. So on ward. Actually thats pretty much the days events in a nut shell. So until next time, I bid thee ado.

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