Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Hey I have a message on my phone! lets check!

[pushes blue msg button on phone]
"Please enter your pin numer!" - said the lovely voice from the phone.
Beep Booeepp Bep Bop [enters pin] (if your wondering its 1-2-3-5)
"You have 1 new message..., Press 1 to listen, press 2 ..." says the lady as I cut it off and press 1
"New message from: Kevin at ..."

What a lovely message and here we are at a new post...
I did hear about this yesterday but didnt comment on it, but just because Kevin left the message I had to post.

Yes, Wal*mart and Target plan top phase out VHS by the end of the year. Go on, read about it your self..
[Read the story:]

However, good ole Wal*mart says:
"While it's true that there is stronger growth in demand for DVDs, many of our customers have VHS recorders and therefore still want VHS tapes," said Karen Burk, spokeswoman for Wal-Mart. "We will continue to sell the VHS tapes as long as there is a demand from our customers."

[Read the story:]
p.s just kidding about my pin number.. its 1-2-3-4.. haha.. no Im kidding..

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