Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The New MMC 3.0 looks promising

From what I listened to and saw during R2 MMC Chat, the new MMC 3.0 is looking good. The chat was actually for MMC 2.1, but was decided to be for 3.0 at the last second. They changed from 2.1 to 3.0 because 2.1 didnt reflect the amount of work that went in to the new version, which has changed just by the design of it. Their getting the ideas together and adding what could have been done in the previous version(s). One of the new additions that I noticed (or was pleased with) is the fact that each addition with be placed in its own thread. Its gone from synchronous to Asynchronous UI and is no longer blocked or it seems like its hung, so there fore it does it in the background and returns MMC console back to you; improved dection and reporting of snap-in problems The GUI for Adding and Removing a snap-in has changed and changed for the better. With easier navigation, and the new design allowing to also pick and choose from using child snap-ins within each parent snap-in.

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