Tuesday, June 28, 2005

New worm lures users with 'breaking news'

What breaking news!!! Michael Jackson died? No, wait... Pope is alive.. Its all conspiracies? The hell you say! Well apparently, the email is a conspiracy. Under the Kedebe-F e-mail worm, users who receive this email with such news and promise to see it in the attached file can expect to have their firewall, and security software disabled for them if they have a look at the attached file. This is all according to Sophos. Of course we all know that we shouldn't click on goodies brought to us by email by an unknown user, well at least unknown to yourself.
[Source link: sophos.com]

While we're on the subject of email goodness, Sophos.com has also reported on a new Virtual Postcard malware suprise. Here's how it goes down, You know those emails you get from your friends regarding a Virtual Postcard for your birthday, 4th of july, easter, [insert your festive day here]. Well, new spam is going around that is offering Free Virtual Postcards, and Telling you "HEY, If you liked this, Then why not send your friend one!", Well what happens is when you click on the link and visit the site you, unwillingly, download a trojan. How it gets there is by a vulnerability in Microsoft's software (a vulnerability in MS products, get out..:) and thus installs the Clsldr-D Trojan horse. If you think that just because you have software on your pc to keep you safe from this your very much wrong. Its not a harmless link and can do you harm. Its strongly suggested that you stay away from links that you are not sure of, or links that you have no clue of what they deal with. This is a fairly new Trojan, so alot of fixes aren't around for it, so keep your system up to-date with patches, security updates and all definitions for your Anti-Virus. Well your best bet is to disconect your pc from the internet and never go online again.
[Source link: sophos.com]

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