Friday, July 01, 2005

My July Fireworks, Ruined.... You Bastards....

Freaking bastards, I've been waiting and waiting for this day for as long as I knew that they were going to Crash a metal freakin Metal Disk shot from Deep Impact in to comet Tempel 1. So, All excited about it, start to read an article about the comet crash. As Im reading, I come to this in the article: "Astronomers are preparing for the event, which NASA says should be visible to observers with telescopes or large binoculars throughout the Western Hemisphere..." Then the next sentence makes it self known: "...except on the U.S. West Coast, where it will be below the horizon." Good god man, Tell me these things before hand. There goes my want to be out monday.

"Some observatories and astronomy associations are hosting Deep Impact parties, such as the University of Colorado's Fiske Planetarium, which is inviting people to set up telescopes on the front lawn, and some retailers say the mission has boosted sales." Screw this Im going to Colorado...

Freakin' Article:


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