Thursday, August 25, 2005

Wholy Crap Evil Demon Spawn!

Yea.. a friend (john) sent me the link for the Trailer... Just SmackDown-a-lisous... Sorry for that last comment, I appologize.
So the Rock will star as "Sarge" in the new G2M (Game to Movie) "DOOM". Yet another game storyline ripped to pieces. I mean, Its not the Rocks Fault, Im not bitching about him being in the movie, Although they could have picked someone else. But thats not the point of me posting at the moment. Granted that some G2M's or Even C2M (Comics) have had a Great out come, but still the Storyline has a tendincy to be mixed up.

Reading up on the Storyline for the movie Doom they give does it some justice, but the games storyline deals more so with Hell and its Demons, The Plot I read for it, doesnt state much for the Hell reference just something about a Portal to Earth.. Well We'll see, It was suppose to be released August 5, 2005. New Release Date: Oct. 21, 2005.


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