Friday, October 28, 2005

Ahh, the fabulous time of a Private Disneyland Party...

Mark and Brian and the KLOS Family along with the California Department of Conservation, Myself and my family say, "THANK YOU For a Great Night!".

The adventure to Disneyland last night was great. Went very well, Had a blast. Rode the all the rides we could in the time we had (9pm to 1am). Most time we waited in a line was for Space Mountain (35 to 40 mins, give or take). Of course had to go to Star Tours, Jessie wasnt big enough to ride it last time. Checked out Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters, Great Fun shoot'em up ride. Karen and the kids caught Pirates of the Caribbean for the first time. Took on the Haunted Mansion Holiday, which was a freakin blast, they converted it to "A Nightmare before Christmas" theme, of which I got a few photos of this with the camera phone. And of course we hit up Mr. Toads Wild ride, Snow White, Peter Pan, Unfortunately we didn't get to Alice, Time was going by really fast. Caught Pinocchio's Daring Journey (note: need to watch this movie again..) Also got on Astro Orbitor, which is located in the entrance to Tomorrow Land. Took the Indiana Jones™ Adventure and got on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. I think that pretty much it, besides the last ride of the night we got on Space Mountain again, then took off home. Got something to eat and got back home about 3am. Great Night! Here are a few photos from my camera phone. I'll have the digital ones for you all later.

Oct27_002.jpg Oct27_003.jpg
Oct27_004.jpg Oct27_005.jpg
Oct27_006.jpg Oct27_007.jpg
Oct27_008.jpg Oct27_009.jpg
Oct27_010.jpg Oct27_011.jpg
Oct27_012.jpg Oct27_013.jpg
Oct27_014.jpg Oct27_015.jpg
Oct27_016.jpg Oct27_017.jpg
Oct27_018.jpg Oct27_019.jpg
Oct27_020.jpg Oct27_021.jpg
Oct27_022.jpg Oct27_023.jpg
Oct27_024.jpg Oct27_025.jpg
Oct27_026.jpg Oct27_027.jpg
Oct27_028.jpg Oct27_029.jpg
Oct27_030.jpg Oct27_031.jpg
Oct27_032.jpg Oct27_033.jpg
Oct27_034.jpg Oct27_035.jpg
Oct27_036.jpg Oct27_037.jpg

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Lav said...

Hey babe,

Had a blast last night, sorry we didn't make it to Alice. Though when I looked towards it, it seemed to be closed. It is located near that huge gaping whale mouth, right? Everything seemed turned off in that area.

Oh you forgot to post about craptacular House of Blues! Don't forget the crappy food and halfass service we received.

Love you,