Thursday, November 17, 2005

Microsoft hands out its newest baby, Office 12 Beta 1.

Yep, Yet another beta from good ole' Bill. This time around its a the newest release of its Office Suite, Office 12.
10,000 Microsoft beta testers received a long-awaited e-mail Wednesday evening: Welcome to Office 12. Beta 1 of the next-generation Office suite has been released and is now available for download -- assuming Beta Place doesn't buckle under the mad rush for bits. [Read more...]
Microsoft® Office “12” is designed to help improve information workers’ productivity through a new results-oriented user interface, powerful graphics and diagramming engines, and advanced task and information management tools. In addition, through broader investments in enhancing business intelligence, collaboration and enterprise content management capabilities within Office “12,” there are new solutions to help customers control content, streamline business processes, collaborate across organizational boundaries and make more-informed decisions. [Read more...]
Well, Im working on getting a copy of the beta, so far I've checked my account and no welcome email. Doh, But no worries, I'll have the next beta;).

Check out some photos from PC MAG on the newest features of Office 12.[ View Eye Candy ]

Jensen Harris Blog - An Office User Interface Blog
Julie Larson-Green (A.K.A Video Julie) - Check out a Video on the UI for Office 12. Nice... worth watching...

== Update 12:00pm ==
Finished watching the 41 min video, Good God man... Nice.. OpenOffice is going to have to beef up, I think its gonna be hard to top this new Office, So far its very promising.

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