Friday, December 23, 2005

Is it me?

I posted a question on a forum I frequent about changing the background color of a Cell or Range of cells. I got answer, but I don't believe it was what I asked. What I posted is a little long so see the link below for what I posted. Now, short and to the point this is what I asked, I asked about the script that is used or needed to change a Cell or Range of Cells, and what I would need and if anyone could point me in the correct direction and got this answer:

Check out Weekday()

Huh ?
But wait? I asked about Changing color of a cell not getting the weekday? I told him in the post I already have this, so i didn't need to know this.

Read the post and let me know if its just me or not.

So is it him or me? Did I not ask clearly? So I left the question unanswered, and went on trying to figure it out, until I found a site that was helpfull, It at least gave me an example as to what I needed to do. So i completed the project and decided to remake the project I was working on, but this time set it up so others can use it and change to what they needed to change it to being that I really couldn't find the information on it, I thought that someone could use it. Here's a link to my post for the public version.
Which is the Excel spread sheet you see in the previous post below.

So, there are a few views before the guy posts again, and What? He says he helped me? Just because he said something about using a Select Case? But he never explained how to change the color of the Cell, notice that I did explain that I already had my project pretty much complete with the execption of the Cell Color change. The only time I see that he said something to use was to use a macro recorder? Didnt state how, just said to use it. Hhuh ok.. So anyways check out the final product and what he had to say, and my reply.

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