Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Yea.. Fun Times...

Most of, well pretty much all of my day today has been editing excel spreadsheets for Mr. Wonderful. Yes, this gets in my way of doing my normal tasks. Because of this, things for others have to wait. Although, keep in mind that if it is urgent or at all someone called having an issue I took care of it, which is about 3 times, all of which were just simple things. Now when I first started here I had to wait because everything went through Mr. Wonderful. These small things he thought were not as important as his excel spreadsheet that calculated the time of day and the date. Now, in all honesty, I'll do these side thigns for him, no biggie, but See something that I do not understand about this man is this. He has me edit these spread sheets that HE has made and when I edit them he expects me to understand why this guy over here is getting 81% in sales and what he sold 2 weeks from last sunday. So I edit these spreadsheets to what he wishes, But upon receiving them back from me he is quick to call me back and ask why this doesnt match up with that and why Jim doesn't have the same sales as Bob but Bob's sales are at 91%, at which time he fixes them at the very moment in a few seconds. See unlike him, I was not born with ESPN, so I can not read his mind and even if I could I dont think I could read his thoughts, especially if he thinks the way he talks, that and I don't speak his first language.

It is about 3:45pm, and I have yet another spreadsheet to edit with his mistakes, Why can't he do them. It would get done faster. I don't call him and ask him to go see why dave can not print from a third party program to his printer. Thats not his job, it mine.

Snaggletooth Little Drum on the Far left of my chin.

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