Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Back from a week off....

Well, I returned back to work yesterday, but was unable to take the time to blog. I was terrible at blogging during the week I was off, But its ok, because the time they did call I blogged it. and Yes, only two calls, Suprisingly. I figured it was because I didnt reply back to the second one. How-ever the reason for Mr. Wonderfull calling was not worthly of bugging me during my time off. When I got back he asked me why I didn't return his call and also that he called my house number too, but wasnt there. Well he didnt leave a message, and the Caller ID didnt show his number saying he did call, so thats one for me. Two the reason why he called was that he wanted to know where a certain printer was so it can be serviced. ? Huh ? Where the certain printer is normally, I would think, unless... it grew some legs and ran off with the copy machine.

Oh by the way, my printer was one of the three printers to be sent out to get serviced. Funny though, Its been a week, where are the printers? Simple servicing can be done here, I know mine just needed a good cleaning, more so did the other two. Go Figure.
So yesterday Mr Wonderfull gives me a call and asks me to print out something that he can do from online. Wait... You want me to print out something you can print out. First off he has a printer, Two MF Printers (Multi-Function), Why do you need two? Wouldnt one be enough? So anyways, I then inform him that I have no printer and can not print unless I connect to 1 of his or to another one. Wouldn't be that hard for me to, but it needed a color printer and most printers here are black. But no, he wants me to print it to one of his TWO printers, so I connect to one of them and get the drivers and print.. As I walk into his office I see 2 copies of what I just printed... I think to myself.. (Wait.. I printed just one? why are there two?). I ask if I mistakenly printed out two instead of one. He says no, I just printed one. (So if I may, but I may not Ask why didn't he just print one out in the first place? He had no reason as to why.

Yes, I deal with this all the time, and My dear friend Kevin is ever-so lucky to not have to deal with him anymore because Mr. W will more or less not go back up there. And I say un-to you Kevin, BOO!!!! You suck!

All in all it was a decent day yesterday other than the printing thing. Nothing much else to bitch about. Today has been going decently too. So, until tomorrow, Remember Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger

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