Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Nice little chat...

mc atmos: hi
HoseHead780: hello?
mc atmos: would you be interested in perchasing some girl scout cookies ?
mc atmos: purchasing*
mc atmos: purchASSing
HoseHead780: Would you be interested in purchasing some butt pluggs?
mc atmos: fucking A...you read my mind
HoseHead780: Fantastic then maybe we can have an exchange, Butt pluggs for Girl Scout cookies.
mc atmos: i once kicked satan in the nuts
mc atmos: it lit my foot on fire
HoseHead780: Your nuts lit your foot on fire?
HoseHead780: I would have been mad too, but thats no reason to kick satan in the nuts
mc atmos: i wasnt thinking straight in my fit of pain and rage
mc atmos: night... sweety, ill be watching you
HoseHead780: How the fuck are you corey
mc atmos: haha
mc atmos: good, you ?
HoseHead780: Im good
mc atmos: howd you know ?
HoseHead780: Im gonna blog this IM
HoseHead780: :-)
mc atmos: haha
mc atmos: wait
HoseHead780: Im the man thats how.
mc atmos: Chuck Norris is currently suing NBC, claiming Law and Order are trademarked names for his left and right legs.
mc atmos: ok now blog it
HoseHead780: Hahah
HoseHead780: Ok
HoseHead780: Knight Cupcake.
HoseHead780: >Karen asks do you have any work to do?
HoseHead780: Oh sure, I see ... Be that way bitch.

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