Monday, April 24, 2006

Fast Times at Singh Chevrolet...

I have neglicted my blog. I am a terrible blogger. I must be hanged at once. Well, I'll choose cake instead.

So, whats been going on here in the wonderfull world of Chadsville. Well, my stars the things I've done. Well for starters alot, and like normal I've been meaning to post about some days events at work. Of the newest things is that Mr Wonderfull decided to turn on Websense again, which once again blocked users from doing their job, but this time he took a little of my advice and to completely re-configure websense, being that it wasnt working correctly. So, he cleared the lists of allowed sites and blocked ones, So naturally I start getting phone calls about this. My response to them was.. "Call Mr W and tell him." Yes, I was structed by him that I am NOT to do anything unless it had gone through him first. My question, "What the hell do I do then? Isn't that my job to fix these things? His title is not, Systems Admin or Tech, its something like field Operations Manager or something. Well, Curious to see what it really is, (at least whats on his bus. card) I took a look at his business card, which he has had new ones made they now read "Purchasing & Systems Manager"? Huh.. Nice title for someone who told me when I first started titles on a bus card doesnt matter. Great isnt it?

Day in and day out, do this and this but do this first and dont forget to do that too, Oh and fix my home PC while your at it. Wait..., Aren't you the Systems Manager, so you should know how to fix your own pc? OH and Mr. Wonderfull junior seems to think he knows more. He even set up the network here at (Dealership) and at the northern California store. Wow, I could have sworn Myself and a school buddy did. So Jr should be-able to fix it, no? Guess not. Well when you cant figure out to check if the pc has memory in it and what the beeps are when you power a pc on and you dont know? (Sorry if Im bitching about it like this but, when you say you know something and you don't, you shouldn't bragg, because when its time and someone asks you to do something and you cant, then thats your fault. And yes this happens, the job usually ends up coming back my way anyhow, I don't understand why Mr. Wonderfull does this. But I've come to just let it be and wait).

Today, Mr wonderfull had one of his wonderfull moments again today. Friday he sent me an email with the message of....

"[filename.xls] see me monday morning about this."

So I asked him about this today, he told me that the file was sent in the email, and it wasnt. So he proceeded to forward it to me again while telling me to print it out and bring it back to him. I told him to just print it out right now and thn tell me what he wants, and No, Just print it out he said. I stood there telling him to just print it out, it will save me the trip and time. But to no avail, He sent the email to me and told me I needed the exercise. I told him I didnt need the excercise and that I've spent good money on my keg (opposite of a guy's six pac, mind you Im not plump See flickr if you dont know what I look like.). But Still, a no. I mean if you dont print things whats the use of having 2, yes, TWO printers in your office? Mind you both are Multi-function printers (I'll post a photo later...).

On to the next thing. Heh, The Workweb cam was finally found after numerous times of people starring straight at it. Thus I removed after being asked. Oddly enough, I wasn't asked why I had it installed on it. None the less it would have been removed sooner or later. Im saying this because, As of Tuesday April 25, 2006 I am putting in my Two Weeks notice. Yes, I have finally found another job, more or less a career. I'll keep you all posted as to what happens when I turn in my notice.


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Terry Joe Taylor said...

Woo hoo,
Good bye Mr. Wonderful. Hey Chad good luck in your career. The company that was smart enough to hire you will soon realize how truly fortunate they are.

Rock on Chad