Wednesday, April 26, 2006

"Whats this?" ... "Read it."

I didn't post yesterday's events so I shall post them right now, well then I should say, because now just happend then, and now is now a few minutes ago, or a while ago. Something like that.

So, I walk into Mr. Wonderfull's Office with a Sheet of printed paper, Set the sheet of paper on his desk.

Mr.W: "Whats this?"
Me: "Read it."
MrW: {reads paper and mumbles while reading.}
MrW: "I knew you where going to be leaving, and I thought I told you a few months ago that you need to tell me when your leaving."
Me: "Yea, I am telling you now. I'm giving you my two weeks..."

This is what I handed him...

I hereby tender my resignation as Network and Systems Technician from Singh Chevrolet. My last day will be May 5, 2006.

Thank you very much for the opportunity and learning experience.

That was it. I didnt think it was hard to understand. So the conversation continued...

MrW: "I know this, but I need some time so I can train someone to take your place."
Me: "Yes, that is why I am giving you My 2 WEEKS Notice. My last Day being May 5th."
MrW: "I know, I will need to train someone.."
Me: "Why? I started here with out any training. Its not like this network is large and what I do here is hard."
MrW: "Thats not the point."

He then continued on about how I know what Im doing and such and he needs this and that. So Im guessing he's expecting the next person he traps, er, gets wont know the difference between left and right mouse click. I also told him I dont plan on just leaving, unless he gives me shit or requests one of his many fantastic ideas to be carried out. He didn't put up much of a bitch, but I know he's pissed about it. I've also told the service manager about it and he told me Why leave, this is the greatest place to work! Ha! ;)

In long there is currently no one to fill my place, co-workers wonder if Mr. W Jr is going to take it, Which would pretty much be live not having anyone. I highly doubt they will get someone with skills like mine or simular to work there, or at least for long. Til next time.


Terry Joe Taylor said...

Hey Chad,
Good for you. I would have written my resignation notice on a spreadsheat but i must say, very nicely done.


Lav said...

haha a spreadsheet..

I'm proud of you babe, I knew you could do it. By that I mean get a job and not kill Mr wonderful..

I'm still wondering if after everything he'll give you the boot so not to have to pay you next weeks salary..hehehe

love me