Saturday, July 09, 2005

The Loss of a Companion... A Family loved one...

Yesterday after getting home from work, Me and Karen took one of our dogs to the vet to see why she hasn't been doing well. For the past three or four weeks Shelia, Our Shar pei / Pit Mix, has was going through a time where she wouldn't eat and when she would eat, So she was gaining weight and loseing it. She was up and down with this, but never was as skinny as she has been the past few weeks. Along with a short of depression the past several weeks. Upon arrival at the Vet, we checked in She was very happy to be out, and took the ride to the vet well. He had been vomiting lately to, not being able to keep anything down, while vomiting up stomach fluids. So, the vet checked her out for the obvisous, worms, and such and nothing was found, so she took her for X-Rays, and she wanted to keep her there over night. So Karen and I headed home. We called them about 12 ish or so, may be about 1. And thats when the vet told us that Her kidneys were failing and in the final stages. So, we told our son DJ, what was happening and what we could do for her, and He was very brave about it, And wanted to put her to rest and allow her to feel no more pain. So at about 2:30 am and 3 am today she was put down, and this morning lay to rest at her home, under her tree.

Such a young age to have to fight a losing battle. Shelia was about a year and a month old. She came in to this family with loving arms and was picked up off the street. Our Vet tells us that the kidney failure started before we picked her up, And that going through old food she could have eatten somthing bad or posionous whcih would have started it all. This explains the weight loss struggle through the past year.

Shelia will be Missed Greatly in presence, But never in heart or memory, She will always live on.


Anonymous said...

I know we'll miss her baby, don't worry she's home now and not in pain..

Love you

lumbrjx74 said...

hey chad sorry about sheila we will miss her too remember chad if u need anyone to talk to im here im not only karens best friend but im urs too i know what its like not to have family to talk to u guys r the only familia i have so if u need someone to talk to im here luv angel