Friday, July 08, 2005

Sasser Worm Trial Ends... German Court Convict creator

VERDEN, Germany (AP) - The teenager who created the Sasser worm that snarled tens of thousands of computers last year was convicted Friday on charges including computer sabotage and given a suspended sentence, a court official said.
Sven Jaschan, 19, was found guilty of computer sabotage and illegally altering data, said Katharina Kruetzfeld, a spokeswoman for the court in the northwestern town of Verden. He was given a suspended sentence of one year and nine months. Jaschan also must perform 30 hours of community service at a hospital or home for the elderly, but will not have to pay court costs. The teenager has told officials his original intention was to create a virus, "Netsky A," that would combat the "Mydoom" and "Bagle" viruses, removing them from infected computers. That led him to develop the Netsky virus further - and to modify it to create Sasser.

The sentence is a joke, Kinda like Martha Stewart's, but she served time. However he was under age when all this happened. We'll see what comes of him.

[Source: My Way News]

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