Monday, December 05, 2005

Can you tell me how to....

A Salesman walks into my office today and jogged my head. This is the what he asked about...

Saleman: "Hey, can you tell me how to get past blocked sites?"
Me:"? ? ?"
Salesman: "Ya, you know you go to a site and its blocked."
Me(interupting him): "You mean, go to a site your not suppose to while at work?"
SM: "Yes, can you show me how to get past that?"
Me: "No. I have to have restrictions for site so people do not go where their not suppose to be."
SM: "No, not for here, I don't work here anymore."
Me: "!?"
SM: "Yea, I want to know how to get around the blocker."
Me: "No, I can't show you how to do that?!"

I barely know this guy, let alone did I know he no longer worked here, Why on earth would I tell him how to get around another businesses site blocker. Regardless of what he wanted to look at. I'm just dumb founded by this. Truely...

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