Thursday, December 08, 2005

"The phone fell off the table..." : : Part 1

I was walking around yesterday doing my thing, when I was stopped and apporached by a service tech. Well I was more so tracked down and held. Thus the exchange of communication took place.
ST = Service Tech
Me = Me

ST: "Chad! I need a new phone, mine doesnt work. It drops calls left and right, I've fucking (with a feedup tone) had it with that damn phone...."
Me: "? Ok"
ST: "Well you need to get me a new one. Lets put it this way, I don't have a phone."
Me: {chuckling} "Ok?!"

So, I walk to the Service Bay where the tech work. He shows me his fabulous phone.

Me: "Hahahahah..."
ST: "Yea, I fucking had it with the phone so I picked it up and threw it. and I'll tell ya, their made like how they work."
Me: "Well, I can get you a replacement phone, I'm not sure I can get the warranty to cover this one."
ST: "huh? I don't care I just need to have the phone so I can use the net. I dont know why I need the phone to use the net."
Me: "Well it was the wonderfull way they setup the network here with the phones, why I don't know, but they did."
ST: "Well get me up and running..."
Me: "Can do. and you know what, I'll take the phone with me and try to get the warranty, I'll tell them it fell off the table and was ran over by a tech on 'accident'. So, we'll see in the mean time I'll just hook you up straight to the network."
ST: "Ok, sounds good. Thanks"

So, here are some more images for the phone that "Fell off the table"

See Just like New!

Got the phone put back, well somewhat back together. There are a few missing pieces, small but missing. Next step phone call for the warranty. I will try to record (if I can) the conversation when getting the new phone. To post with the next part.

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