Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Ahh the wonders of an ISP

Our ISP connection went down today, and my phone lit up like a christmas tree. Everyone and their uncle was calling me to let me know that their gm sites weren't working, even their co-worker from the same department would call. One would think that 1 person from each department would call, but nope thats not the case here. (looks at phone and sees 11 messages, may not be alot but for being at 0 then to 11 in under about 5 minutes, its a lot.) People never cease to amaze me. I even amaze myself sometimes.

Turns out that the router we are on through SBCglobal took a crap and decided to take a vacation. So we were with out the wonders of the internet for about 45 mins or more. I have yet to tell a few people thats its back on, but thats only because they won't answer their phones. So i will let them figure it out.

Good news for me though, I now have a direct line to a tech at SBC, so I won't have to go through the norms of trying to get someone that knows something and is not just reading from a sheet of paper and going down the list, even though you tell them that you have already done this and that, they perist on you doing it again because maybe you didnt do it correctly.
(most of my time was spent on the phone going through the options and such and talking to the robot sheet reader.) Non the less I did some of it after trying it again and failing, she transfered me to a 2nd level tech, and figured out the problem right off the bat. It was their router that was having issues. Thus it was fixed in no time.

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