Thursday, June 09, 2005

BIOS and passwords dont go well together.

To my question yesterday about why one would use a BIOS password. Still is beyond, I, myself have had no reason to, nor do I see a reason. However I do understand if your some top level secrete squirrel with super monkey flying powers that shoots bees out its mouth when it barks. Other than that, I see no reason. Just makes it difficult to work on. I have tried everything I can think of and all that I can find on the net, from backdoor passwords (which were no help), pulling out the CMOS battery (for over 12 hours, and also pulling the powers supply from the motherboard) again no help at all, I would have used BIOS cracks but none will work, being that it doesn't get far enough to boot from a floppy. So my choice is to change the jumpers on the motherboard. In which I have to remove everything just to get to the jumpers, OH JOY! [see the cludder f**k mess], emachines are great arn't they.

more in a bit...

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