Monday, October 31, 2005

Wow, Disney's Technology using Technology.

At the Turtle Talk With Crush exhibit at Disney's California Adventure theme park, Crush the sea turtle makes a cameo like those at the start of most Disney rides. Nothing seems out of the ordinary as the character goes though the script with a cast member, until the Finding Nemo star takes questions from the audience.

"I want to talk to this little dude in the purple shirt," Crush says, "the one up in front, on the left."

Crush is referring to a real guest in the "Human Tank." In a moment he starts answering questions from random children, doing the backstroke on command and guffawing when a girl asks him how he can hold his breath and talk underwater.

Wow, This is great. Add this to Disney's rides like Star Tours, and you can have a fantastic time that would allow a ride or show vary in differences each time you ride it.

Their also testing out Massive Online games for Actual park rides like Buzz Lightyears' Astro Blasters in Anaheim, Ca.

Check out the Whole article at Wired News

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Lav said...

For some reason on half a beer this cofusseled the hell out of me..LMAO..

Oh Oh.. Look at the time.. 11:33am

But the clock on the wall says 12:33pm and thats the one I'm following..LOL

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