Thursday, November 03, 2005

Have a little Test going on today...

I got a audio file called MysonisaHeterosexual!.mp3. Some funny shit. I sent it to one of the co-workers here, In which I know he will past it on and show other people, thus somehow making back to me. Normally when I have done this in the past it will come back to me. Now, I don't pass on stuff very often. So, Im gonna see how long it takes to reach me or for someone to stop me to listen to it. Sometimes it even comes back to me and you can see in the LOOONNNGG list of Forwards my name in there as the original sender.

1 comment:

Lav said...

you're a sick sick man for putting yourself through that stupid kind of torture..

haha.. You should add the pic of the old dude in the thong.. That's comedy gold!