Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Ok.. Got photos uploaded...

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Yea, Got the photos from Disneyland uploaded on to the server. But I first must mention the following.

Where to eat before we go into disneyland. We get to Disneyland early, about 6pm, We can not go in until 9pm. So we have the dilema of "Where to Eat?". As we walk down Downtown Disney, We spot a Pizzaeria, Karen asks the Kids, "Hey Pizza!, wanna go there?".. Kids response "No, No lets go somewhere else." So we pass the Pizzeria and continue on the quest for a place to grab a bite to eat. We come too a fork in the road and a choice of these two resturants: The House of Blues or A Mexican Cantina (Don't remember the name, also noticed its not listed in the Downtown Disney Directory). So we choose The House of Blues, mainly because we havent been and the kids wanted to. Man.. Let me tell ya, the Food Sucked, The Service Sucked and the Prices were high for what you got. The Kids ordered Mac 'n Cheese, Yes, Mac 'n Cheese. Well, the food came fast. DJ's exact words about the Mac 'n Cheese "If they ask about the food, Im gonna say Your Mac 'n Cheese Sucks. It doesn't even taste like Mac 'n Cheese, there's not cheese about it.", My response "Well, thats what you get for ordering that here, next time you'll know."

So, the only thing left for that place is the music, but being the food and service sucked ass, Well more than ass, it was just really sad. I doubt we will return.

As for Disneyland though! it was a great night. I'll Post photos in a few.

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